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On the job

In order to be successful, it is important to accept a position at a salon that: A. expects the minimum from you B. pays the highest wage C. makes the first offer D. matches your personal style D. matches your personal style
If you have a commitment during certain hours/days of the week that might interfere with your work schedule, that best approach is to: A. discuss it frankly B. hope it doesn't interfere C. expect your coworkers to cover D. deal with it later A. discuss it frankly
One entry-level job for a new graduate is: A. receptionist B. manager C. assistant D. color services specialist C. assistant
In the service-oriented cosmetology field, a helpful guideling is: A. leave if problems arise B. be therapist and advisor C. put yourself first D. put others first D. put others first
Working in a salon requires that you practice people skills, including all of the following except: A. being a problem solver B. being best friends with everyone C. being loyal D. remaining positive B. being best friends with everyone
When you take a job, you will be expected to perform certain duties and responsibilities, which are described in a: A. job description B. training manual C. legal contract D. conversation with your manager A. job description
In a beginning position the best way to be compensated is by: A. under the table B. commission C. tips only D. salary D. salary
One form of compensation is commission, which represents: A. tips B. a % of sales C. an hourly wage D. salary plus % B. a % of sales
Tips are income in addition to your regular compensation and: A. are taxable at 50% B. are not taxable C. must be reported as income D. are declared but not taxed C. must be reported as income
Evaluations, which are commonly scheduled after 90 days for new employees, are ment to provide: A. feedback on performance B. negative criticism C. promotions D. raises A. feedback on performance
Identifying a role model who is having the kind of success you wish to have: A. takes away your individuality B. is unfair competition C. is imitation D. helps improve your performance D. helps improve your performance
The process of learning how to deal with your money in a constructive way is known as: A. thriftiness B. managing debt C. financial planning D. getting credit C. financial planning
When borrowing money, it is irresponsible and immature to: A. default B. invest the money C. use it for luxuries D. pay it back A. default
Budgeting is a new way to: A. save money B. invest money C. estimate income and expenses D. restrict your spending C. estimate income and expenses
Keeping track of where your money goes is a step toward: A. being stingy B. limiting spending C. never having surprises D. always having enough D. always having enough
When it's not realistic to ask for a raise or higher commission rate, you can increase your income by: A. taking cash from the register B. playing the lottery C. taking advantage of the client D. recommending additional services D. recommending additional services
The practice of retailing consists of: A. recommending additional services B. misrepresenting products C. recommending and selling products D. selling yourself C. recommending and selling products
To be successful in sales required ambition, determination, and: A. boldness B. insincerity C. aggression D. a good personality D. a good personality
The principles of successful sales include all of the following except: A. know your products B. demonstrate use if possible C. always use a soft sell approach D. never misrepresent your product C. always use a soft sell approach
When retailing products to your clients, practice all the following except: A. asking what products they use B. telling them what they need C. describing a product's benefits D. mentioning any sales B. telling them what they need
To build a successful career in cosmetology, it is vital to build a client base, which consists of A. one-time customers B. walk-in customers C. first-time customers D. steady customers D. steady customers
An important point to keep in mind when building a client base is: A. always be positive B. rushing clients through their service C. developing intimate personal relationships D. recommending all sale products A. always be positive
An inexpensive, easy marketing technique that can help build your client base is: A. word of mouth B. business card referrals C. advertising balloons D. newspaper inserts B. business card referrals
The best time to get your client back for the next appointment is: A. two weeks before she is due back B. a week before she is due back C. while she is still in your chair D. when she needs new services C. while she is still in your chair
Created by: hodges900
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