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Humanities Final


325 Council of Nicea Nicean Creed
570-635 Muhammad
622 Islam
800 Charlemagne HRE crowned XMAS day
1066 Battle of HAstings William the conqueror wins
1095 Speech at Claremont
1096-1099 Firstcrusade
1075 1122 Investiture contreversy
1120 1170 Thomas Beckett
1038 1193 Saladin
1147 1149 second crusade
1154 1189 king Henry II
1170 Lais de Marie de France
1187 Battle of Hattin
1189 1193 Third crusade
1202 1204 Fourth crusade
1266 1337 Giotto
1300 Population Explosion
1306 Dante
1315 1322 famine 10 percent of pop dies
1320 1384 Wycliffe
1343 1400 Chaucer
1347 1349 Plague
1369 1415 jan huss
1381 peasent revolt
late 1300's Gawain
early 1400's renaissance
1415 jan huss be dead
1415 1492 pierdo della francesca
1452 1519 Da Vinci
1475 1564 Michaelangelo
1500 serfdom fades
1517 protestant reformation
1564 shakespeare boom
Created by: Jnatale20