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CBCS medicare/medicaid knowledge

Which answer below is not covered under Medicare Part A? a. Skilled Nursing Home services b. Skilled Nursing Home services c. Physician Office services d. Hospice services Physician Office services
What is the Medicare Advantage Program? HMO program
Which answer below is not a Medicare eligibility requirement? Must have income of less than $50,000 to qualify for Medicare Part B
Eligible Medicare beneficiaries must pay a monthly premium, which answer below is the correct premium the beneficiary is responsible for? Beneficiaries that are eligible for Medicare receive Part A automatically at no extra cost and pay a monthly premium for Part B
The physician bills for a procedure in the amount of $100.00. Medicare allows $80.00 and the patient is responsible for 20% of the allowable. How much is paid to the physician by Medicare? 64
What are Medigap policies? Health insurance sold by private insurance to help pay for some costs the Medicare plan doesn’t cover
What is EPSDT? Medicaids comprehensive preventative child health care program for individuals 0-21 years of age
Who funds and administers Medicaid benefits? Federally funded program, and administered by each state
If a patient has Medicare and Medicaid, which is primary? Medicare
What is the name of the form given to a Medicare patient before a service is performed that a particular service or procedure may not be paid by Medicare and could be the financial responsibility of the patient? ABN
Created by: drea08