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English 11 Exam Voc

Exam Vocab

Repudiate To reject; disavow
Accord An Agreement
Stipulate To specify; set forth
Autonomy Self-rule; independence
Dovish Favoring peace
Osmosis Movement of a solvent through a semipermeable membrane
Amalgam Combination or fusion of different elements
Indigenous Native to an area
Epilogue A closing section added to a novel or play
Vignette Short Story; brief sketch
Raconteur A person skilled at telling a story
Indefatigable Tireless
Vacillate To waver; hesitate; swing back and forth; be indecisive
Innocuous Harmless; inoffensive
Laconic Very brief; concise
Ubiquitous Present everywhere at once; omnipresent; prevalent; widespread
Reciprocal Shared and expressed by both sides; mutual
Grandiloquent Using lofty, pompous language
Innundate To fill with water; flood
Machinations Craft schemes
Pernicious Very injurious; destructive; deadly
Prevaricate To lie
Scintillating Sparkling; dazzling; brilliant
Heinous Hatefully evil; abominable
Futile Doomed to failure and therefore pointless
Aplomb Poise; confidence; self-assurance
Penchant A preference or liking
Cathartic Emotionally cleansing
Pedestrian Commonplace; ordinary
Vituperation Verbal abuse; a tongue-lashing; severe scolding
Ameliorate To make better; improve
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