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Purple Mod

Athelo/o uncontrolled
caus/o burning
caust/o burning
gyr/o turning, folding
myel/o spinal cord
narc/o sleep, numbness, stupor
plex/o plexus, network
radicu/o root, nerve root
synapso/o point of contact
sympath/o symathetic nerve
ton/o tone, tension, pressure
glauc/o gray
synapt/o point of contact
ax/o axis or mainstream
convolut/o coiled & twisted
dur/o dura mater
sulc/o groove
somn/o sleep
aden/o gland
myel/o bone marrow
-asthenia weakness or loss of strength
-esthesia feeling sensation
-dynia pain
-rrhaphy suture, surgical repair
-rrhea discharge, flow
-ism condition of
-penia decrease deficiency
sub- under
hydro- water
syn- union, together joined
di- double
scot/o darkness
ametr/o out of proportion
cycl/o ciliary body, circular
conjuctiv/o conjuctiva
core/o pupil
dipl/o double, two
fove/o pit
kerat/o horny tissue, hard, cornea
labyrinth/o maze, labyrinth (inner ear)
macul/o spot
ot/o ear, hearing
optic/o eye vision
ocul/o eye
phac/o lens of eye
py/o pus
salping/o eustacian auditory tube
radicul/o nerve root
eso- inward
exo- outward
dyna- pain
-rrhexis rupture
-cusis hearing
-tropia turning
-ptosis drooping, sagging
-opia vision
-opsia vision
-acusia hearing
-pexy fixation
-oma tumor
anis/o unequal, dissimilar
ambly/o dull, dim
canth/o corner of the eye
corne/o cornea
choroid/o choroids
cochle/o cochlea, snail spiral
dacry/o tear, duct, sac
lacrim/o tear, lacrimal apparatus
mastoid/o mastoid process
myc/o fungus
opt/o eye, vision
opthalm/o eye, vision
pinn/o external ear
staped/o stapes
strab/o squint-eyed
tars/o edge of eyelid
vitre/o glassy
convult/o coiled, twisted
chromat/o colour
audit/o hearing
acoust/o hearing
blephar/o eyelid
ir/o iris
irit/o iris
lute/o yellow
mon/o one
noct/o night
pupill/o pupil
psued/0 fake, false
retin/o retina
cyan/o blue
lact/o milk
hem/o blood
dermat/o skin
myring/o tympanic membrane
aur/o ear, hearing
audi/o hearing, ear
extra- outside
-tome instrument to cut
concuss/o shaken together
-algesia pain
-osis abnormal condition
contus/o bruise
gli/o glue
neur/o nerve, nervous system
-ism condition
a- not without
Created by: berniss