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Section 9 EOC Review

Supreme Court Cases

Landmark Supreme Court CasesSignificance
Marbury vs Madison Establishes Judicial Review
Plessy vs Ferguson 1896 - Separate but Equal IS Legal
Brown vs Board of Education 1954 - Separate but Equal is NOT Legal
Miranda vs Arizona 1966 - Arrested Citizens must be read their Rights
Gideon vs Wainwright 1963 - Accused criminals have the right to an Attorney
in re Gault Courts must notify parents if minor is arrested.
Tinker Vs Des Moines 1969 - Students Right to Free Expression
Hazelwood vs Kuhlmeier 1987 - Students do not have the Right to Freedom of Press/Speech
United States vs Nixon sets a precedent that even the President is NOT above the law
Bush vs Gore Ruled that the Florida recount of Presidential votes violated the 14th Amendment
Created by: Hinson Civics