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Absolute Monarchs

Monarchs What Monarchs were known for
Louis XIV Versailles Palace was used to symbolize his absolute power and greatness. He helped the French economy by allowing nobles to live in the palace.
Habsburgs Austria. Embraced lots of different ethnic groups. Unified only by Catholic faith.
Charles VI insured safe succession for his daughter Maria Theresa.
Frederick William Known as the Great Elector. Recognized that a well equipped army would protect territories.
Frederick William Received loyalty of Junkers in exchange for full power over serfs who labored on their estates.
Frederick William I Determined to build a powerful army. During reign the Prussian military doubled to over 80,000 men.
Charles VI Pragmatic Sanction- territories of Hapsburg empire were indivisible and that Maria Theresa would inherit the throne and all Habsburg lands
Peter the Great Recognized Europe had fallen behind western Europe. Visited Holland and England to learn how to change Russia. Decided he needed to Westernize it.
Peter the Great Expanded Russia's army and constructing a new navy.
Peter the Great Introduced the potato and allowed Russian women to appear in public without veils. Forced nobles to shave off beards.
Peter the Great Built St. Petersburg in 1703.
Louis XIV Used the phrase "I am the state"
Henry IV Edict of Nantes, 1598- granted religious toleration to French Huguenots.
Louis XIII Son of Henry IV. Appointed Cardinal Richelieu to be chief minister. He was determined tow weaken nobility.
Louis XIV Witnessed the Fronde and vowed to control the nobility after being humiliated.
Louis XIV Known as The Sun King
Louis XIV Continued the policy of reducing power of French nobility. Excluded nobles from key positions and instead appointed men from bourgeoisie,
Louis XIV Named Jean-Baptiste Colbert as controller of general finances. Colbert helped expand manufacturing by abolishing domestic tariffs that inhibited trade.
Louis XIV Revoked Edict of Nantes in 1685.
Peter the Great Defeated Sweden in order to end their dominance of the Baltic.
Peter the Great Forced serfs into army and forced to help build St. Petersburg.
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