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Professional Image


As a cosmetologist, your professional image consists of: A. technical skills B. good looks C. outward appearance and conduct D. sense of style C. outward appearance and conduct
The Old English word hal means: A. hole B. house C. health D. whole D. whole
The key to a happy and productive life is: A. repressing bad feelings B. occasional exercise C. the latest diet D. achieving balance D. achieving balance
Maintaining cleanliness and healthfulness every day is called: A. personal sense of style B. personal hygiene C. dressing for success D. personal grooming B. personal hygiene
One of the basics of personal hygiene is: A. daily exercise B. following the dress code C. daily bathing D. wearing perfume C. daily bathing
The body's largest organ is the: A. stomach B. liver C. skin D. brain C. skin
In order to look well groomed at all times, the hair requires: A. regular shampooing B. blow-drying C. hair spray D. elaborate styling A. regular shampooing
The foundation of good personal grooming includes: A. a youthful look B. clean and cared-for clothing C. the latest styles D. a hip image B. clean and cared-for clothing
When choosing clothes to wear on the job, you must consider: A. your personal preferences B. the dress code of the salon C. the salon's color scheme D. the latest styles B. the dress code of the salon
When choosing your own hairstyle on the job, always take into consideration: A. your hair texture and wave pattern B. what your clients want C. your coworker's styles D. the latest style A. your hair texture and wave pattern
When applying makeup to go to work, it is best to: A. go for bright colors B. develop one approach C. apply it heavily D. accentuate your best features D. accentuate your best features
As a beauty professional you are subject to many stresses, including all the following except: A. high expectations of clients B. standing on your feet all day C. the need to work faster D. 24-hour coverage D. 24-hour coverage
Establishing a routine for sleep, meals, and other daily requirements is: A. helpful in reducing stress B. a boring way to live C. unnecessary for the young D. difficult in today's world A. helpful in reducing stress
In order to feel refreshed and eager to face the workday, it's important to: A. renew yourself with relaxation B. be punctual C. eat all you want D. seek medical advice A. renew yourself with relaxation
Good, nutritious food has many effects, including: A. preventing a variety of illnesses B. causing deficiencies C. putting on extra pounds D. causing chemical imbalances A. preventing a variety of illnesses
Physical exercise has many positive effects on our bodies, including: A. lower immune function B. preventing aging C. increased stress D. proper functioning of organs D. proper functioning of organs
Aerobic exercise, which improves heart function, includes all the following except: A. dancing B. yoga C. cross-country skiing D. walking B. yoga
Physical presentation is an important aspect of professional image and includes all the following except: A. cleanliness B. posture C. an optimistic attitude D. good grooming C. an optimistic attitude
Among the guidelines for good posture while standing is to: A. keep the neck elongated B. let the shoulders drop C. tilt the hips toward the back D. keep the knees rigid A. keep the neck elongated
As a cosmetologist spending a great deal of time on your feet, proper foot care will help you: A. maintain good posture B. prevent carpal tunnel syndrome C. stay hydrated D. improve cardiovascular functioning A. maintain good posture
To increase blood circulation to the feet, try: A. tight socks or stockings B. foot massage C. jumping on a hard floor D. high heels B. foot massage
The science of "fitting the job to the person" is called: A. ergot B. ergonomics C. anatomy D. entomology B. ergonomics
In order to avoid strain on your body when standing for long periods, consider: A. working with arms above shoulder level B. placing one foot on a stool C. wearing high heels D. slumping your shoulders B. placing one foot on a stool
Among the recent ergonomic improvements to the salon workplace are: A. closely positioned workstations B. free-standing shampoo bowls C. low cabinets D. static chairs B. free-standing shampoo bowls
To prevent physical strain, a good practice is to: A. hold arms away from your body B. swivel the client's chair C. twist your body when reaching D. grip implements tightly B. swivel the client's chair
Created by: hodges900
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