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16th Century Dates

Important Dates

Birth of Teresa in Avila March 28, 1515
Council of Trent 1545-1563
Martin Luther posts his 95 theses in Wittenburg, Germany October 31, 1517
Charles V, King of Spain and ruler of the Holy Roman Empire 1500-1558
Catherine of Aragon marries Henry VIII 1509
Copernicus suggests that the earth moves around the sun. 1514
Birth of John de Yepes (of the Cross) in Fontiveros June 24, 1542
Death of Teresa of Jesus in Alba de Tormes October 15, 1582
Death of John of the Cross in Ubeda December 14, 1591
John meets Teresa for the first time in Medina del Campo 1567
King Philip II of Spain, also ruled Portugal, Naples, Sicily, Milan, Netherlands, (while he was married to Queen Mary of England) King of England and Ireland, and Spanish colonies all over the world. 1527-1598
Queen Isabella I of Castille died and Christopher Columbus made his last voyage 1504
First report of African slaves 1502
Magellan becomes the first to circumnavigate the Earth 1519-1522
Michelangelo completes the Last Judgment in the Sistine Chapel 1541
Henry VIII declares himself the head of the Church in England 1535
Ignatius of Loyola forms the Society of Jesus or Jesuits 1539
John of the Cross is kidnapped and placed in a monastery prison in Toledo, where he writes the Spiritual Canticle and other poems. 1577-1578
Teresa begins the reform movement by opening the monastery of St. Joseph in Avila using the primitive rule of the Order of Mt. Carmel. August 24, 1562
The Pope declares the Discalced Carmelites a separate province in the Order of Carmel. 1580
The Discalced Carmelites are completely separated from the Ancient Observance Carmelites and are now a separate Order. 1593
King Philip of Spain marries Mary Tudor of England 1554
El Greco moves to Toledo 1577
Debates in Valladolid about the value of indigenous people 1550
Battle of Lepanto--Holy League vs. Ottoman Empire 1571
Raphael dies and is buried in the Pantheon in Rome 1520
Peace of Augsburg 1555
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