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PRE1 2009-1 (1)

えいけん 8

remarkable unusual or surprising : likely to be noticed : 注目すべき,驚くべき.
detach to separate (something) from something larger : 引き離す,取りはずす,切り離す.
prejudice injury or damage resulting from some judgment or action of another in disregard of one's rights : 偏見,ひがみ,先入観
distort to change the natural, normal, or original shape, appearance, or sound of (something) in a way that is usually not attractive or pleasing : 〈自然の形を〉ゆがめる,ねじる
destined to choose, assign, or dedicate in advance : 予定された,運命づけられた.
imply to include or involve as a natural or necessary part even though not put clearly into words : 暗示する,ほのめかす.
allege to state as a fact but without proof : (十分な証拠なしに)〈…を〉断言する; 強く主張する.
execute to put into effect : CARRY OUT, PERFORM : 〈職務・計画・命令などを〉実行する,遂行する,達成する.
consultation a meeting in which someone (such as a doctor or lawyer) talks to a person about a problem, question, etc : (専門家に対する)相談
conversion a change in nature, form, or units : 転換(すること), 転化
friction the rubbing of one thing against another : 摩擦 ; 衝突,あつれき,不和.
materialistic a tendency to attach too much importance to physical comfort and well-being : 物質主義の; 唯物論(者)的な.
insistent demanding attention : 強要する,しつこい.
deceit the act or practice of causing to believe what is untrue : 詐欺; ぺてん; 虚偽.
incisive impressively clear and direct : 〈刃物など〉よく切れる,鋭利な :〈知力など〉鋭敏な,機敏な.
accessible capable of being reached : accessible
cling to stick to as if glued : 〔…に〕くっつく,くっついて離れない,ぴったりつく
droop to sink, bend, or hang down : 〈頭・肩などが〉うなだれる,たれる; 〈目が〉伏し目になる.
outsource to send away (some of a company's work) to be done by people outside the company : 外国の会社から〈…を〉買う,海外(部品)調達する.
beneficiary a person who benefits or is expected to benefit from something : 恩恵[利益]を受ける人.
shortage a lack in the amount needed : 不足
adequate suitable or enough for a requirement : 〔…に〕適切で,適当で
indifferent having or showing no special liking for or dislike of something : 〔…に〕無関心で,冷淡で,むとんちゃくで
deficit an amount (such as an amount of money) that is less than the amount that is needed : 不足(額)
rite an act that is part of a usually religious ceremony : 儀式,祭式,儀礼; 典礼
signify to be a sign of (something) : to mean (something) : 〈…を〉意味する,表わす.
simulate to look, feel, or behave like (something) : 〈…の〉ふりをする,〈…を〉装う.
serene calm and peaceful : 晴朗な,うららかな,のどかな ; 落ち着いた,安らかな,平和な.
bleak not warm, friendly, cheerful, etc : 吹きさらしの,寒々とした,荒れた,寂しい.
hardy able to live through difficult conditions : 苦難に耐えられる,丈夫な,頑健な.
equivalent having the same value, use, meaning, etc. : (価値・数量など)同等の,同価値の,同量の; 同意義の.
empower to give power to (someone) : 権限[権能]を与える 〈to do〉
escort to go with (someone or something) to give protection or guidance : 護衛する,警護する; 護送する; 〈女性に〉付き添う,エスコートする.
proclaim to say or state (something) in a public, official, or definite way :〈…を〉宣言する; 公布する.
Created by: na235
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