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WVSOM -- Cranium

Viscerocranium Portion of the skull making up the face. Made up of neurocrest cells
Neurocranium the portion of the skull containing the brain and brainstem. Is lined by dura mater
Which suture is inconstant? Metopic suture
What is the lambda? Junction of the sagittal suture and the lamboidal suture
What is the pterion? junction of coronary and squamous sutures
What is the bregma? junction of sagittal and coronal sutures
What is the asterion? junction of squamous and lambdoidal sutures
What are the 3 protective sheets that protect the brain? meninges (dura mater, aracnoid and pia mater)
What is the purpose of CSF? shock absorber
What is the function of the dura mater? Physically supports brain and spinal cord, returns blood from the brain to the internal jugulars, and serves as the periosteum of the surrounding bones
What keeps the aracnoid close to the dura? pressure of the cerebral spinal fluid
What is the function of the arachnoid mater? allows vessels to travel to and from the brain
How do vessels travel thru the sub-arachnoid space? arachnoid tubule
What are the three folds of the dura mater? falx cerebri, tentorium cerebelli, and falx cerebella
What is the falx cerebri? dura mater fold that separates the right and left lobes of the cortex
What is the tentorium cerebella? dura mater fold that separates the occipital and temporal lobes from the cerebellum.
What does the falx cerebella? duramater fold that separates the lateral cerebellar lobes
What nerves innervate the dura? CN V and X
What causes pain in the dura? stretching
What is the main artery to the dura? middle meningeal artery
What bones make up the anterior cranial fossa? Frontal, Ethmoid, Sphenoid Bones
What part of the brain is in the anterior cranial fossa? Frontal Lobes
What bones make up the middle cranial fossa? sphenoid and temporal bones
What part of the brain sits in the middle cranial fossa? Temporal lobes, Pituitary gland, hypothalamus.
What artery and vein are in the middle cranial fossa? middle meningeal artery and cavernous sinus
What nerves run thru the middle cranial fossa? CN II, III, IV, V, VI
What bones make up the posterior cranial fossa? Temporal and occipital bones
What part of the brain sits in the posterior cranial fossa? cerebellum, pons and medulla
What nerves run thru the posterior cranial fossa? VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII
What are the two small blood supplies to the spinal cord? Anterior and posterior radicular artery
Where does the radicular arteries originate from? Spinal branch of the posterior intercostals artery
Where do the radicular arteries anastamose? anterior and posterior spinal arteries
What arteries branch off of the anterior and posterior spinal arteries? sulcal artery and the vasocorona
Since the small spinal branches are not enough to supply the spinal cord, where does the spinal cord get other contributions from? Enlarged anterior segmental medullary arteries and vertebral arteries near the brain
What do the left and right vertebral arteries join to form? basilar artery
What does the basilar artery anastomose with? Left and right internal carotid arteries
What forms the Circle of Willis? Left and right internal carotid arteries
What is the blood supply to the brain and brainstem? Circle of willis
Where are the venous sinuses located? inside the folds of the dura mater
Where does blood drain from the cortex? superior sagittal sinus and drains posteriorly
Where is the superior sagittal sinus? hangs in a cleft between the two cerebral hemispheres
What are the unpaired venous sinuses? Superior Sagittal sinus and inferior sagittal sinus
What anastamoses the basilar vein to the inferior sagital sinus? great cerebral vein
Where do the superior and inferior sagittal sinuses anastomose? confluence of sinuses
Where do deeper nervous structures drain? inferior sagittal sunus and/or basilar vein
Where does the confluence of sinuses drain? Left and right transverse sinuses
Where do the transverse sinuses drain? sigmoid sinuses
How does blood exit the skull? from the internal jugular veins
What drains blood to the internal jugular veins? sigmoid sinuses
What does the cavernous sinus drain blood to? internal jugular vein thru a superior and inferior petrosal sinus
What connects the venous sinuses and the scalp? emissary veins
What veins can serve as routes of infection from the scalp into the dural system? emissary veins
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