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Daance / Mod IV

Anesthesia Equipment and Monitoring

When mixing N2O and O2 what percentage is considered "critically low"? 20%
What does a vaporizer do? converts liquid anesthetic into gasses suitable for delivery with other gases through the anesthesia machine
How often should vaporizers be checked? Periodic maintenance and calibration should be completed according to manufacturers recommendations
What does a Ventilator do? Breathes for the patient. (with positive and negative pressures moving anesthetic gasses into and out of the lungs.)`
how often should the N2O/O2 machine be checked for patency and leaks? daily
What is a scavenger system? a means for reducing the levels of noxious gasses out of opertories for the well being of those chronically exposed.
What color cylinder is oxygen kept in ? Green
What color cylinder is Nitrous kept in? Blue
What color cylinder is Carbon Dioxide kept in? Grey
What color cylinder is compressed air kept in? Yellow
What color cylinder is Nitrogen kept in? Black
What color cylinder is Helium Kept in? Brown
When should you shut off cylinders and pressures and gauges reduced to zero? after the last patient
what psi does a full O2 tank typically read? 2000 psi
What does a full N2O tank typically read? 750 psi
What will an almost empty N2O tank read? 750 psi
maintiaing the patients airway begins with what three things? 1. Head position 2. N2O/O2 delivery 3. Suction
two methods of positioning the patients head for open airways are? 1. Head tilt/Chin Lift 2. Jaw Thrust
2 ways to deliver N2O/O2 1. Nasal Mask or Hood (covers nose only) 2, Nasal prongs or cannulas (inserted into the nares (nostrils) with out covering the nose)
Should you have to suction out the patient prior to the induction of anesthesia? YES- to remove accumulated secretions from the pharynx.
In the event of an airway emergency what is the initial intervention implemented ? Bag/valve/mask
what do you do if the tongue continues to obstruct the airway during the airway emergency and a bag cannot correct the situation? a tongue suture can be placed, a nasopharyngeal airway or an oral pharyngeal airway may be necessary.
Which airway can be placed and tolerated well by most patients whether awake or sedated? Nasopharyngeal
What is an LMA? Laryngeal Mask Airway
The LMA sits tightly over the top of what? Larynx
Does an LMA protect the patient from aspiration of regurgitated material.? No
after inserting the endotracheal tube why do you listen to the left and right side of the chest.? to make sure that the tube was not inserted into the right mainstream bronchus.
what sound do you hear if the trach tube is entered into the esophagus? gurgling
What is pharyngitis sore throat
There are 8 airway adjuncts, name them 1. ambu bag 2. Tongue traction suture 3. Nasopharyngeal tube 4. Oropharyngeal airway 5. Laryngeal mask (LMA) 6. Endotracheal intubation 7. Combitube 8. Cricothyrotomy
what is the last step after all else fails to open an airway? Surgical airway
what is the quickest easiest surgical airway to place? Cricothyrotomy
where is the cricothyrotmy performed? between the thin membrane between the cricoid and thyroid cartilages of the larynx.
what should only be considered on the unconscious patient? oral airway, LMA, endotracheal tube and combitube
what is the elettrocardiograph device used to monitor the electrical activity of the heart.
when do you use a defibrillator venticular fibrillation.
what does AED stand for automatic external defibrillator
what are the two types of AEDs automatic and semi automatic
Statistics show that the AED can eliminate ventricular fibrillation in what percentage of the cases on the first shock 85%
how often should the lines and cuffs be checked on a BP monitor weekly
name 3 ways to monitor ventilation through observation chest rise, anesthesia bag, color
what is Cyanosis bluish tinge in the color of the mucous membranes, skin and nail beds.
Name the ways to monitor ventilation thoughout a proceedure observation, pretracheal stethoscope, pulse oximeter, capnograph/capnometer
how big of a time lapse can a pulse ox have 30-90 seconds
what can monitor the patients ventilation in real time capnometer or capnograph
what is the required monitoring for moderate(conscious) sedation patients, all deep sedation patients and general anesthesia patients? continuous ECG or EKG
what is malignant hyperthermia the inability to regulate the body's temperature
Created by: katieweir
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