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Ancient Greece

What did the Romans borrow from the Etruscans the arches,sporting events such as slave fights, and the cuniculus to transport water
Describe how the Romans changed the ideas from the Etruscans the Romans borrowed myths from the Etruscans, and although the Etruscans have their own version of it, the Romans made some changes in it so that they do not sound like bad people
What did the Romans borrow from the Greeks The Romans borrowed many types of Greek designs for their columns and temples. This enhances the structure and architecture of the Roman Empire
Describe how the Romans changed the ideas from the Greeks The Romans changed the myths about the Greek gods and goddesses because they, at that time, had a different religion so they had to change it in order for Romans to understand it
1- The Etruscans rule and then get overthrown
2- The republic is formed The Pats start to rule as senate, but do not make very fair decisions for the Plebs. These laws only benefit the Pats and leave the Plebs to do hard labor work
3- Plebeians rebel during the Conflict of Orders and gain some power
4-Equality between the Plebeians and the Patricians is reached The Plebs gain their rights that they have been yearning for for years. They now have the decision of working for the Pats and have equal rights as them
Julius Caesar
Octavian (Augustus) Viewed the retreating of his father, so he wanted revenge on Rome. He soon became Emperor and Senate of the Roman Empire.
First Punic War
Second Punic War
Third Punic War
Pax Romana The peace treaty stating that the Mediterranean trade route was in hands of Rome. Nobody could have taken the route until the treaty has ended. This translates to "Roman Peace"
1st Period of Expansion Gaul came in from the North and entered Rome to burned it down. Rome signed a peace treaty with the Latins, and now have more strength in the army.During the Punic wars,they gained land from the Samnites and Etruscan.They conquered the Italian Peninsula.
2nd Period of Expansion Carthaginians attack Hannibal, who fought Roans for 15 years.
3rd Period of Expansion
4th Period of Expansion
Who was Jesus of Nazareth He was a loving, peaceful man who gave love to everybody, even his enemies.The Romans felt he would lead the Jews into a revolt against their rule.
Why did Romans crucify Jesus (and others) and persecuted Christians They refused to worship the emperor as a god and honor him with sacrifices.
How did Emperor Constantine the Great affected Christianity Desired to take the throne of the Roman Empire. After winning a battle, he converted the the religion, christianity. He made the Edict of Milan which gave freedom of worship to all Roman citizens.
How did Emperor Theodosius I affected Christianity He made christianity the religion of the Roman Empire and banned practice of other religions and also closed temples.
What events led to the end of the Pax Romana
How did the conflicts within the Roman Empire and the outside groups weaken the empire
How did the Roman Empire split into two empires
What brought the Western Roman Empire to an end
How did Roman culture live on after the fall of the Western Roman Empire
Who was Byzantium
Who was Istanbul
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