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2A651 CDC Vol 3

CDC Vol 3

What could be a cause of a compressor stall when there is a reduction or restriction of air at the air inlet? Icing of the aircraft or engine inlet
Which subsystem is not included in the oil system? Monitoring
On the TF33 engine, where on the intermediate compressor case is the oil tank mounted? Right
What type oil pump is on the TF33 engine? Two section, single stage, gear driven
Which subsystem is not part of the oil indicating system? Scavenge
What happens if the generator frequency becomes unstable? Accuracy of electronic equipment is affected
A generator's voltage output is roughly proportional to its revolutions per minute
How many electrical phases does a TF33 engine driven generator produce? 3
The generator control unit provides system protection and control, and voltage regulation
during TF34 engine start, all fuel, up to a flow rate of how many pounds per inch, will pass the oil cooler? 350 PPI
The TF34 fuel pump consists of a low and high pressure stage, relief valve, and a Pressure regulating valve
How many pounds per square inch does the TF34 fuel pump boost stage increase the fuel inlet pressure? 80
When the red warning button is popper out on the fuel filter housing it indicates fuel is bypassing the filter element
The splined coupling engine shaft transmits a signal of the core engine speed (the HPC and HPT speeds) to what fuel system component? Main fuel control
Where is the excess metered fuel, from the servo and fuel pump discharge fuel, bypassed back to? Inlet of the primary main pumping element
Metered fuel is supplied to the fuel distributor through the quick engine change fuel flow transmitter and oil cooler
On engine shutdown, as fuel pressure decreases to below 40-60 pounds per square inch opening the drain, shutting off fuel to the distributer
On the TF34-100A engine, injector 13 is configured differently to provide clearance between the injector and fuel control
Under hot fuel conditions at the combustor inlet, the altitude starting capability of the TF34-100A engine the diminished
During start up, all fuel flow up to how many pounds per hour, is forced through the bypass line around the oil cooler? 350
Which type of fuel system is used in the TF34-100A engine to prevent spontaneous combustion of residual fuel after engine shutdown? Shut down drain system
The F108-CF-201 engine monitoring system data that is incorporated as part of the flight data recorder is used to determine the need for maintenance before an engine failure occurs
Data that is recorded for each engine is downloaded and distributed via the computer card
All of the options listed below are proper troubleshooting practices except inspecting other areas after isolating trouble between points
In what format do technical orders present aircraft power plant and engine intermediate maintenance troubleshooting procedures? troubleshooting charts
To become an expert troubleshooter, you must understand the function of each component within each system
On an F108 engine, which manifold is the anti-ice air supplied from? compressor case
On an F-108 engine, during which engine operation can the anti-ice valve be manually locked? shutdown of idling
The inlet duct used on multiengine subsonic aircraft (like the C-5 or C-17) has a diameter that progressively increases from the front to the back
The compressor bleed system reduces the probability of a compressor stall in a dual-rotor engine by reducing the amount of air available to the HPC
What stage of the compressor airflow provides the cooling air for the turbine nozzle vanes? last
On an F108-CF-100 engine, the direction of the variable bleed valve rotation is controlled by the compressor
On an F108-CF-100 engine, which cable relays the variable bleed valve position to the main engine control as the valve approaches the commanded closed position Feedback
One type of aerodynamic blockage thrust reverser uses vanes inside the duct to create swirling gases
How many core blocker doors are on the F117-PW-100 engine? 7
The function of the fuel pump on an F117 is to provide fuel directly to the fuel control
What two components operate together to provide the thrust management system for the F117? electronic engine control and fuel control unit
A typical het engine exhaust gas temperature indicating system contains thermocouples, thermocouple leads, an indicator, and a resistor
What fuel-flow system component of a jet engine operates by using a water wheel concept? transmitter
Two units that work together to indicate the oil system is operating correctly is the oil pressure transmitter and indicator
An oil pressure transmitter contains a mechanical section and a synchronous unit
Where is the tachometer driver located that operates the high compressor rotor tachometer generator? engine accessory section
What switch is pushed during an operational check of the fire warning system? TEST
The test cell EGT selector allows selection of individual thermocouple inputs of an average of these inputs
Within how many RPMs is the accuracy of the test cell low and high pressure compressor speed indicators 2
What type of vibration causes unnecessary engine removals and unwarranted repairs? externally excited
During vibration analysis, frequency is usually measured in cycles per second
Which type of vibration transducer is made up of certain ceramic compounds and natural crystals? Piezoelectric accelerometer
The filter selector switch on the vibration analyzer allows selection of the necessary filter to remove the natural vibration frequencies of a specific engine
What supports the fan and LPT of a jet engine? bearings
Created by: humphreysdj
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