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Unit 6 Chapter 14

What physical features is the continent of Europe most like? like a great peninsula , the Eurasian landmass juts out from Asia.
What functions did the Rhine and Danube provide for the kingdoms in Europe? a natural barrier, a source of water for irrigation, waterways for travel and travel, and a source of food.
When were the Middle Ages? Beginning around 500, after the fall of the Roman Empire and ending around 1000.
Why did Charles the Great constantly fight the pagans Saxons in the Northern Germany and the Spanish Muslims? he was a devout Christian who wanted to build a Christian empire in Europe.
What did Christianity teach about natures of humans? It believed that humans were sinful and weak and salvation could only be reached through being a member of the Catholic Church .
What were some common duties that monks and nuns performed? They spent their days studying the Bible, praying, gardening, and caring for the sick and poor.
What was the unique opportunity convent life offered men and women? It was a way to become a scholar by studying the Biblewhich explained all aspects of life.
Who attacked monasteries, villages, and churches? The successful invaders the Vikings .
Why did the Vikings invade Europe? They didn't want as much loot but wanted more land and a better climate.
Why did feudalism rose in Europe? They were violent times in the Middle Ages.
What did the lady of the manor do? She ran the manor when the lord was gone and made sure there was enough food for the manor.
What was a bailiff in the Middle Ages? It wa s an officer and business manager.
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