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unit 6 ch 14

Where was Charlemange's empire by 814? Included most of western and central Europe
When were the middle ages? beginning around 500, after thye fall of the roman empire and ending around 1000
What physical feature is the continent of Europe most like? like a great peninsula, the Eurasian landmass juts out from Asia
Who was the first great ruler during the middle ages, who promoted justice and education? Charlemange , also known as Charles the Great
how did christianity spread across europe? through religious orders of monks and nuns that live in convents.
who invaded europe in search of loot, a new climate and land? The Vikings
what did christianity teach abouyt the nature of humans? it believed that humans were sinful and weak and salvation could only be reached through being a member of the Roman Catholic church
how does europes topography affect its climate? a mediterranean climate-hot, dry summers with rainful in the winters
why did feudalism rise in europe? it was in a violant time
what jobs did the lady of the manor have? had to make sure there was enough food and the run the manor
what is a fief? a grant of land
who raided europe in the violant times? Magyars, Arabs, and Vikings
Created by: emmanuee3