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WS lists 40-45

exigency an emergency; an urgency
exigent urgent
existential having to do with existence; having to do with the body o f thought called existentialism, which basc holds that human beings are responsible for their own actions but is otherwise too complicated to summarize in a single sentence
exonerate to free completely from blane; to exculpate; to acquit
expatriate to throw someone out of his or her native land; to move away from one's native land; to emigrate
repatriate to return to one's native citizenship
expedient providing an immediate advantage; serving one's immediate self-interest; practical
expediency practicality, esp cuited to a paritcular goal
expedite to speed up or ease the progress of
explicit clearly and directly expressed
implicit indirectly expressed or implied
extol to praise highly; to laud
extraneous unnecessary; irrelevant; extra
extrapolate to project to deduce from something known; to infer.. a scientist uses the facts he has to project to facts outside
interpolate try to fill the gaps within data
extricate to free from difficulty; disentangle
inextricable somehting thats permanently stuck
extrovert an open, outgoing person; a person whose attention is focused on others rather than on himself or herself
introvert a person whose attention is directed inward and who is concerned with little outside himslef
exult to rejoice; to celebrate
fabrication a lie; something made up
facetious humorous; not serious; clumsily humorous
facile fluent; easy; skillful in a superficial way
faction a group with a cause, usually a small part of a larger group, united around some cause; disagreement within an organization
farcical absurb; ludicrous
farce a mockery or ridiculous satire
fastidious meticulous; demanding; finicky
fatalist someone who believes that future events are already determined and that humans are powerless to change them. ONE WHO BELIEVES THAT FATE DETERMINES ALL.
fatuous foolish; silly; idiotic
fauna animals
flora plants
fecund fertile; productive
fecundity state of being fertile
felicity happiness; skillfulness, esp at expressing things; adeptness
fervor great warmth or earnestness; ardor; zeal
fetter to restrain; to hamper
unfetter to be unrestrained, free of hindrances; unchained
fidelity faithfulness; loyalty
figurative based on figures of speech; expressing something in terms usually used for something else; metaphorical
finesse skillful maneuvering; subtlety; craftiness
flagrant glaringly bad; notorious; scandalous
flaunt to show off; to display ostentatiously. to flaunt success is to make certain everyone knows that youre successful
flout to disregard something out of disrespect. to flout success is to be scornful of success or to act as though it means nothing at all
foible a minor character flaw
foment to stir up; to instigate
forbear to refrain from; to abstain
abstain to refrain from
forgo to do without; to forbear. i had to forgo the chocolate
fortuitous accidental; occuring by change
founder to fail; to collapse; to sink
flounder to move clumsily or in confusion
fraternal like brothers
frenetic frantic; frenzied
frugal economical; penny-pinching
furtive secretive; sly
futile useless; hopoeless
forebear ancestor
forsake to abandon; to renounce; to relinquish
garrulous talkative; chatty
genre type or category, esp of art/writing
genteel refined; polite; aristocratic; affecting refinement
gentility The quality of being well-mannered; refinement
gesticulate to make gestures, esp when speaking or in place of speaking
glut surplus, an overabundance
grandiloquent pompous, using a lot of big fancy words in an attempt to sound impressive
grandiose absurdly exaggerated
gratuitous given freely (said of something bad); unjustified; unprovoked; uncalled for. AKA NOT A NICE THING... DIFF FROM GRATUITY
gratuity a tip. its a nice thing
gravity seriousness
gregarious socialable; enjoying the company of others
guile cunning; duplicity; artfulness
guileless innocent, naive, artless
beguile to decieve but in a charmingand not always bad way
Created by: kevin_525_li
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