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Medical Terminology

Unit 5

AA Alcoholics Anonymous
ACOA Adult Children of Alcoholics
AFB Acid-fast bacillus
Al-Anon AA support group for spouses of alcoholics
Ala-Teen AA support group for children of alcoholics
AD Right ear, auris dextra
AS Left ear, auris sinistra
AU Both ears, auris uterque
C Celcius degrees
C&S Culture and sensitivity(antibiotic susceptibility)
CO2 Carbon dioxide
DM Diabetes mellitus
F Fahrenheit degrees
FAS Fetal alcohol syndrome
GB Gallbladder
GNID Gram-negative intracellular diplococcus
HBV Hepatitis B virus
HIV Human immunodeficiency virus
HPV Human papillomavirus
HSV Herpes simplex virus
LMP Last menstrual period
Agenesis Lack of development
Alcoholism Chronic physical and psychological addiction to alcohol
Amenorrhea Absence of menstruation
Apepsia Cessation of digestion
Aphasia Unable to speak
Aphonia No voice, unable to make sounds
Apnea Absence of breathing
Audiogram Graphic record of hearing function
Audiologist Hearing specialist
Audiology Science that studies hearing
Audiometer Instrument to test hearing
Audiometry Process of testing hearing
Bacillus Rod-shaped bacterium
Bradycardia Slow heart rate
Bradypepsia Slow digestion
Bradyphasia Slow eating (Swallowing)
Bradypnea Slow breathing
Calculi Small stones
Carcinogenesis Formation of cancer
Cholangiogram x-ray of the bile ducts
Cholecyst Gallbladder
Cholecystitis Inflammation of the ladder
Cholecystogram x-ray of the gallbladder
Cholescystography Process of observing x-ray of the gallbladder
Cholecystotomy Incision into the gallbladder
Cholelith Gallstone
Cholelithiasis Infestation with gallstones
Coccus Sphere shaped bacterium
Dactylitis Inflammation of the fingers and/or toes
Dactylogram Fingerprint
Dactylospasm Spasm of a digit
Diplobacillus Double bacillus
Diplococcic Cocci growing in pairs
Dipsomania Abnormal compulsion to drink
Dysmenorrheal Painful menstruation
Dyspepsia Poor digestion
Dysphagia Difficulty swallowing
Dysphasia Difficulty speaking, garbled speech
Dysphonia Difficulty making sounds with the voice
Dyspnea Difficulty breathing
Hydrocephalus Enlarged head due to fluid accumulation (congenital)
Hyperthermia Abnormally low body temperature
Lithometer Instrument to measure stones
Lithotomy Incision for the removal of stones
Coccos Greek for grain or seeds
Tympan/o Eardrum
-metry Processs of measuring
a- Not, lack of (before a consonant)
An- Not, lack of (before a vowel)
Brady- Abnormally slow
Dys- Difficult, abnormal, poor, painful
Tachy- Abnormally fast
Audi/o Hearing
Lith/o Stone
Pneumonia Belongs to the coccus family
Dipl/o Growing in pairs
Strept/o Cocci growing in twisted chains
Staphy/l/o Cocci growing in clusters
Staphyle Greek for bunch of grapes
Baculus Latin for staff or rod
Staphyloplasty Surgical repair of the uvula
Staphylococcus Common skin bacterium that may contaminate food, causing toxins to be produced
Staphylococci Common form of food poisoning. Most bacterium that form pus and grow in a cluster
Staphylitis Inflammation of the uvula
Staphylectomy Excision of the uvula (uvulectomy)
Uvulitis Inflammation of the uvula
Py/o Pus
Pyocele Hernia containing pus
-genic Producing or forming
Pyogenic Bacteria producing pus
Onc/o Tumors
Oncogenic Promotes tumor production
Pathogenic Organisms which produce disease
Pyothorax An accumulation of pus in the thoracic cavity. Results when pus-forming bacteria invade the thoracic lining.Results from pneumonia and lung abcess
Pneumonia (fluid and infection)
Purulent Contains pus. Attended with suppuration
-rrhea Flow or discharge
Diarrhea To flow through
Trichomoniasis STD vaginitis w/ discharge
Moniliasis Infection w/ the fungus of this genus
Elephantiasis Filarial worm or local inflammation of lymph nodes (causes enlargement)
Giardiasis Intestinal disorder w/ diarrhea and abdominal pain. Protozoa from animal feces
Pyorrhea alveolaris Disease of the teeth and gums
Pyorrhea salivaris Disease of a salivary gland for which there is a flow of pus
Ot/o Ear
Otoscope Instrument used to examine the ear
Otic solution Treats the ear
Otoscopy Examining the ear under an otoscope
Ot/ic Pertaining to the ear
Otorrhea Discharge from the ear
Otitis Inflammation of the ear
Otalgia or otodynia Ear pain (ear ache)
Cholecystitis Inflammation of the ladder
Cholecystotomy Incision into the gallbladder
Cholecystectomy Excision of the gallbladder
Rhinolith Calculus or stone in the nose
Brady- Slow
Bradycardia Slow heart action/beat
Bradyphagia Slow eating or swallowing
Phag/o Eat
Tachy- Fast or rapid
Tachycardia Fast or rapid heart action/beat
Tachyphagia Fast eating
Tachos Greek meaning swiftness
Tachogram A record of the velocity of blood flow
Tachometer Instrument which records the velocity of blood flow
Pneia Greek meaning breath
Pne/o Breath
-pnea Suffix for breathing
Bradypnea Slow breathing
Tachypnea Rapid breathing
Apnea Without (cessation of) breathing. When the level of CO2 falls very low
Bradypnea Slow breathing
Genesis Generation
Agenesis Without generation. Failure to develop or lack of development. Ex. Agenesis of the hand
Carcinogenesis The development of cancer
Carcinogenic Pertaining to the development of cancer
Dys- Painful, faulty, diseased, bad, difficult
Men/o Combining form of menstruation
-rrhea Flow or discharge
Dysmenorrhea Painful/ difficult menstruation
Amenorrhea Absence of menstruation
Dysphagia Difficult swallowing
Dyspnea Difficult breathing
Dystrophy Poor development
Pepsis Greek meaning digestion
Peps/o Digestion
Dyspepsia Poor digestion
Apepsia Cessation of digestion
Bradypepsia Slow digestion
Peptic ulcers Stomach ulcers
Thermos Greek meaning heat
Therm/o Heat
Thermometer An instrument used to measure heat
Thermic or Thermal Pertaining to heat
Thermoesthesia,Thermoalgesia Oversensitivity to heat
Thermogenesis Formation (producing) of body heat
Thermophobia Abnormal fear of heat
Thermoplegia Heatstroke (paralysis)
Diathermy Heating through tissue *treatment
Diarrhea To flow through
Dia- Through
Hyperthermia High body temperature
Hypothermia Low body temperature
Micro- Small
Hydrocephalus Condition involving fluid in the head
Microcephalus Condition of an abnormally small head
Cyst Sac containing fluid
Microcyst Very small cyst
Microcyte Very small cell
Microcardia Condition of having a very small heart
Microgram 1,000th of a milligram (0.001mg)
Microsurgery Surgery performed on minute structures using a microscope and small instruments
Macro- Large
Macrocyte Very large cell
Macroscopic Can be seen by the naked eye
Macrocephalus Very large head
Macroblast Very large embryonic (germ) cell
Macrococcus Very large coccus
Macroglossia Very large tongue
Macrotia Very large ears
Macrorhinia Very large nose
Macrocheilia Very large lips
Dactylos Greek meaning finger
Dactyl Dactyl/o Finger
Macrodactylia, Dactylomegaly Condition of abnormally large fingers or toes
Dactylitis Inflammation of the fingers and/or toes
Dactylogram Fingerprint
Dactylospasm Spasm of a digit
Polydactylism Too many fingers or toes
Syn- With or together
Syndactylism Joining together of 2 or more digits
Synergism 2 or more drugs or organs working together produce an increased effect
Synergistic Drugs that work together to increase each other’s effects
Synergetic Working together (muscles)
Synarthrosis Joints that are fused and immovable (sacrum, pelvic, skull)
Drom/o Run
Dromomania Insane impulse to wander or roam
Syndrome Symptoms running along together
Korsakoff’s syndrome Due to alcoholism
Reye’s syndrome Behavioral changes and hyperemesis following a viral infection
Prodrome Running before a disease)
Prodromal Runs before a disease
Dipsia Greek meaning thirst
Dips Thirst
Polydipsia Too much thirst
Poly Too much
Dipsomania Alcoholism
Alcoholism Chronic physical and psychological addiction to alcohol
Mcg Microgram
Mg Milligram
MTD Membrana tympani dextra (right eardrum)
MTS Membrana tympani sinistra (left eardrum)
NVS Neurologic vital signs
OM Otitis media
O&P Ova and parasites
P Pulse
PAR Perennial allergic rhinitis
R Respiration (rate)
SIDS Sudden infant death syndrome
SOB Short (shortness) of breath
Staph Staphylococcus
Strep Streptococcus
T, temp Temperature
TB Tuberculosis
VS Vital signs (T,P,R,BP)
̊ Degree symbol
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