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Spread of Christiananity

What are some examples of Western Europe's climate? warm and moist
When did the Middle Ages begin? After the fall of the Roman Empire around 1500
Who ruled present-day France and Germany during 530 the Franks
What did Charles Martel do during 717? He reunited the Frankish lands
Who was Pepin the Short? He was the first leader of a new dynasty.
Why was Charlemegnae important He expanded his realm and built a Christian Empire
Why did Charlemegnae rule alone the government was weak
St.Patrick was an important missionary that spread Christiananity to what part of Europe? Ireland
What did Christiananity teach about human nature? It taught that they are weak and sinful
Who invaded Europe that was in search for loot, more land, and better climate? Vikings
How did Christiananity spread through Europe? with the teachings of missionaries and the help from monks and nuns
What is a fief? a grant of land to a loyal person
What was the order of power for the feudal system? On the top were kings,nobles/churchmen, Knights, peasent farmers
Who were Serfs? peasent farmers legally tied to the lord's land and couldn't leave
Who lived in the manors? Lords, Nobelwomen, women who pun cloth, carpenters and blacksmiths
Created by: jordyng1