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Gaylor - S&T wk# 2

Abscess a pocket of infection or a pus-filled cavity resulting from inflammation and usually caused by bacterial infection
Amal or Am amalgam: an alloy of different metals that is silver in color and used to restore the function of posterior teeth
Ant anterior: teeth toward the front
apicoectomy removal of the apical portion of the root
B or Bucc buccal: pertaining to the cheek or side of the teeth touching the cheek
Br bridge: fixed prosthetic or fixed partial denture
caries tooth decay or cavity
CEM cementation: hard, thin shell that covers the root
charting putting diagnosis of correct tooth on paper
Comp composite
contact point where teeth meet or touch
Cr crown: part of the tooth covered with enamel
D or Dis distal: proximal surface that faces away from the midline (throat side)
demineralization excessive removal of minerals or salts from the body or tissue
diag diagnosis
diagnosis determination or distinguishing of the cause
DO distal occlusal or disto-occlusal
E or Exam examination
Est estimate or established
EXT or X extraction: removal of a tooth or part of a tooth
FGC full gold crown: artificial crown
fissure a fault of the enamel surface of the tooth
G Tr or GT gingival or gum treatment
Ging gingival: gums
groove a narrow, linear hollow or depression
hyperemia engorgement, excess of blood or high amount of blood vessels in the dental pulp
I or In incisal: refers to the sharp cutting edges of the anterior teeth (incisors and cuspids)
FD full denture: replaces all teeth in an arch
Ling lingual: pertaining to tongue or the side of the teeth
M or Mes mesial: surface of a tooth facing toward the midline (or opening of the mouth)
MO mesial occlusal or mesio-occlusal
MOD mesial occlusal distal or mesio-occlusodistal
O or Occ occlusal: broad, flat chewing surface of posterior teeth (premolars and molars)
OH oral hygiene
Palmer tooth notation identification system where teeth are numbered 1 to 8 with a bracket to indicate the quadrant location
PD partial denture: replaces some of the teeth in an arch
periapical around the apex of the tooth root (so if i had a periapical abcess: pressure from swelling and pus were at the root)
pit depression in the enamel surface
PO or POT post operative treatment
Porc porcelain: fused to metal or gold is a cast crown with a porcelain cover
Post posterior (toward the back) or a thin metal rod inserted into the root of a tooth after root canal therapy; provides retention for a "coping" that replaces lost tooth structure and retains crown
Prep prepare
PRO or Pro or Prophy prophylaxis: where the dentist or dental hygienist removes stains and deposits and polishes teeth
Prox proximal: refers to surfaces (distal and mesial){see proximal surface}
proximal surface surface that is adjacent or next to another surface of a tooth
pulpectomy removal of dental (in root) pulp
pulpitis inflammation of the dental (in root) pulp
pulpotomy excision of the coronal (in crown) pulp
RC root canal: procedure to replace the pulp
recall follow-up
restoration repair
ridge any linear elevation on the crown (or enamel) of a tooth
TBI tooth brushing instruction
Temp temporary
Unit amount or measurement
cusp pointed or rounded eminence on the surface of a tooth
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