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Chapter 20

Chapter 20 Glossary

Allergy Hypersensitivity
Artery Vessel carrying blood from the heart to tissues
Autonomic Involuntary
Biofeedback Development of a person's ability to control his or her autonomic nervous system
Bipolar disorder Disorder in which mood swings from euphoric to depression
Catheterization To insert a catheter into a body structure
Chemotherapy Killing of cancer cells by administering antineoplastic agents
Chiropractic Treatment predominately by manipulation of spinal and musculoskeletal structures
Cognitive Thoughts or thinking process
Comorbidity Presence of two or more illnesses at the same time. There may be an association between the illnesses
Compulsion Repetitive behavior with ritualistic characteristics
Debridement Removal of damaged tissue to promote healing
Decompensation Deterioration; exacerbation of an illness or condition
Desensitize Lessen sensitivity by administering the specific antigen in low doses
Dialysis Removal of toxins from the blood by diffusing over a membrane or filter in patients with renal failure
Disorientation Confusion
Doppler Study Use an ultrasonic probe to determine blood flow
Enteral Nutrition Nutrients for patients with impaired ability to chew/swallow or ingest food, typically delivered by gastric or nasogastric tube
Extracranial Outside the skull
Extraspinal Outside the spine
Gait Training Method of restoration of balance, extremity swings, stance
Gastroenterology Study of the stomach, intestine, esophagus, liver, gallbladder, & pancreas
Genetics Study of hereditary factors
Grandiosity Unrealistic concept of self importance
Hallucination False sense of perception
Home Care Prescribed medical care provided in a patient's home
Hydration To replenish fluids
Immune globulin Antibodies derived from blood plasma providing short term, protection against certain infections
Infusion A therapeutic agent introduced into tissue, cavity or vessel, usually by needle
Loosening of Association Frequent change of subject, often with minimal relationship
Manipulation Thrusting movement to achieve realignment of joints or spine
Modality A therapeutic agent
Neuropsychology Study and treatment of psychiatric and neurological disorders
On Call Medical personnel with special training and skills available to provide services when summoned.
Orientation Awareness
Orthotic A custom made mechanical appliance used in orthopedics
Panic Attack Intense anxiety, often feels like loss of control
Parenteral Nutrition Nutrients are delivered intravenously to patients who are postoperative, in shock, or otherwise unresponsive
Prosthetic An artificial body part
Psychology Study of behavior, thoughts, feelings
Psychotherapy Method of treating mental disorders. Treatment may involve education, pharmacology, suggestion, and psychoanalysis
Range of Motion Natural movement
Reflux To flow backward
Rehabilitation Effort to restore to optimal function
Short Term Memory Ability to recall information for a very brief period
Therapeutic To promote healing
Toxoids Substance no longer toxic, but capable of forming antibodies
Vaccine Preparation (bacteria or virus) of non pathogenic material but can induce immunity to prevent disease
Vein Vessel that carries blood to the heart
Venom A poison transmitted by bites or stings
Injection A fluid introduced into tissue, cavity or vessel, usually by needle
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