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4790.2B CH 5


All personnel authorized to release aircraft safe for flight shall be designated in writing by what authority? Commanding Officer
The inspection is conducted to inspect for defects to a greater depth than the turnaround inspection. Daily Inspection
The daily inspection is valid for what period? 72 hours
On a daily inspection, how long can aircraft fly before a new inspection is required? 24 hours
What inspection is conducted between flights to ensure the integrity of the A/C for flight, verify proper servicing and to detect degradation that may have occurred during the previous flight? Turnaround Inspection
How long is the turnaround inspection valid for? 24 hours, providing that the aircraft has not been flown.
What requirements provide for replenishment of fuel, oil and other consumable expended during flight? Servicing
What inspection is scheduled with a prescribed interval other than daily or phase? Special Inspections
Requirements of this type of inspection include unscheduled events as required as the result of a specific overlimit condition, or as a result of circumstances or events which create and administrative requirement. Conditional Inspections
What inspection occurs as a result of the phase maintenance concept which divides the total scheduled maintenance requirements into small packages or phases of approximately the same work content? Phase Inspection
What inspection is a general inspection of a specific area or an aircraft? Zonal Inspection
What inspection is for obvious defects such as leaks, frayed cables, cracks, corrosion or physical damage? Zonal Inspection
When is a Transfer Inspection required? When a reporting custodian transfers an ATO air craft to an off-site FRC or commercial rework facility for special rework, modification, SDLM/IMC/P or to another operating unit.
What category of defect constitutes a hazard to airworthiness? Critical
What category of defect materially reduces the use of the unit or part for it's intended purpose? Major
What category of defect leaves aircraft safely flyable but requires major repair within a specified time frame? Major
What category of defect does not materially reduce the use of the unit or part for its intended purpose? Minor
This is a comprehensive inspection performed to determine the material condition of the engine. Major Engine Inspection
USN Aviation Support Equipment Operator's License OPNAV 4790/102
When shall an Acceptance Inspection be performed? When a reporting custodian accepts and ATO aircraft under Action Codes G & R.
By what authority should squadrons, type wing/air wing request to cannibalize an aircraft? Type wing/Air wing commander
Cannibalization should be directed via what? Message
What is the purpose of the MMP? (Monthly Maintenance Plan) To provide scheduled control of the predictable maintenance workload. ie: inspections, transfer/receipt of aircraft and compliance with TD's.
Created by: LS2Wilcoxon
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