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Word Roots - Medical

Commonly Used Word Roods in Medical Terminology (Booth, 5e; Appendix I)

Word RootDefinition
adeno- gland, glandular
adipo- fat
aero- air
andr-, andro- man, male
angio- blood vessel
ano- anus
arterio- artery
arthro- joint
bili- bile
bio- life
blasto-, blast- developing stage, bud
bracheo- arm
broncho- bronchial (windpipe)
carcino- cancer
cardio- heart
cerebr-, cerebro- brain
cephalo- head
cervico- neck
chondro- cartilage
chromo- color
colo- colon
colp-, colpo- vagina
coro- body
cost-, costo- rib
crani-, cranio- skull
cysto- bladder, bag
dacry-, dacryo- tears, lacrimal apparatus
dactyl-, dactylo- finger, toe
dent-, denti-, dento- teeth
derma-, dermat-, dermato- skin
dorsi-, dorso- back
encephalo- brain
entero- intestine
esthesio- sensation
fibrio- connective tissue
galact-, galacto- milk
gastr-, gastro- stomach
gingiv- gums
glosso- tongue
gluco-, glyco- sugar, sweet
gravid-, gravid- pregnant female
haemo-, hemato-, hem-, hemo- blood
hepa-, hepar-, hepato- liver
herni- rupture
hidro- sweat (perspiration)
histo- tissue
hydra-, hydro- water
hyster-, hystero- uterus
icetero- jaundice
ileo- ileum
karyo-- nucleus, nut
kera-, kerato- horn, hardness, cornea
lact- milk
laparo- abdomen
latero- side
linguo- tounge
lipo- fat
lith- stone
lobo- lobe
mast-, masto- breast
med-, medi- middle
mening- meninges (covers the brain)
metro-, metra- uterus
my-, myo- muscle
myel-, myelo- marrow
narco- sleep
nas-, naso- nose
necro- dead
nephr-, nephro- kidney
cyto- cell, cellular
neu-, neuro- nerve
niter-, nitro- nitrogen
nucleo- nucleus
oculo- eye
odont- tooth
omphalo- navel, umbilicus
onco- tumur
oo- ovum, egg
oophor- ovary
opthalmo- eye
orchid- testicle
os- mouth, opening
oste-, osteo- bone
oto- ear
paedo-, pedo- child
palpebro- eyelid
path-, patho- disease, suffering
pespo- digestion
phag-, phago- eating, consuming, swallowing
pharyng-, pharyngo- throat, pharynx
phlebo- vein
pleuro- side, rib
pneumo- air, lungs
pod- foot
procto- rectum
psych- the mind
pulmon-, pulmono- lung
pyelo- pelvis (renal)
pyo- pus
pyro- fever, heat
reni-, reno- kidney
rhino- nose
sacchar- sugar
sacro- sacrum
salpingo- tube, fallopian tube
sacro- flesh
sclero- hard, sclera
septi-, septic-, septico- poison, infection
stomato- mouth
teno-, tenoto- tendon
thermo- heat
thio- sulfa
thorcaco- chest
thrombo- blood clot
thryo- thyroid gland
tricho- hair
urino-, uro- urine, urinary organs
utero- uterus, uturine
uvulo- uvula
vagin- vagina
vaso- vessel
ventri-, ventro- abdomen
vesico- blister
Created by: Kira.Burgoyne