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Intro to Foodservice

History of the Foodservice industry

What type of restaurant provides serving staff that takes orders while ptrons are seated and the average per-person dinner is $10-$25 Casual dining full service
A service or product provided to guests for their convenience, wither with or without additional fee, is a(n) Amenity
Boulanger affected the growth of the food service industry by Opening the first restaurant
The most widely recognized lodging rating system in united states is the AAA tourbook
Within the noncommercial segment, food service is typically handled in which two ways? Contract feeding and self operators
Which segment of the restaurant and food service industry provides food in support of other establishments' main functions? Noncommercial
At a formal dining establishment who is responsible for service throughout the entire establishment? Maitre d hotel
In which decade did the rapid growth of national chains view of eating out in the United States? 1970
An individual who has studied and continues to study the art of cooking is often referred to as a culinarian
Created by: Chef Cadengo