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EOG Terms 2

Words you might SEE, on the EOG 2!

attitude feelings toward something
against not agreeing with
analogy the same relationship between two pairs of words
express stating thoughts or feelings
analyzing to break something apart into pieces
elaborate to give more information
theory an idea to put into place
regarded to think of something in a specific way
account an event
best expresses best tells
contribute add to
climax life changing moment for the main character
connotative how a word makes you feel
action an act or event
central idea most important thing you should know
convey to tell
cite taken directly from the text
criticize to disagree
drives moves
convey not exactly what is stated
imply stated or written in invisible ink
figurative expression words that are not literal
informational text about real people, real places, real events
compare things in common
conclusion written in invisible ink
contrast differences
agreement agree with someones opinion
directly stated stated in the text (in black ink)
restate to deliver the same message in different words
structure how the text is organized
response a verbal or written answer
introduce to make something known
identify to point something out
illogical does not make sense
significance of great important
inference written in invisible ink based on clues
sequence chronological steps 1 2 3 4 etc.
mood a feeling the reader gets
metaphor comparing two things without using like or as
judgement the ability to come to a sensible conclusions
theme a life lesson
tone the author’s attitude based on his or her words
chronological order put something in order from beginning to end
resolve solution to a problem
motivation the reason or reasons for acting a particular way
strong support Strong evidence for a claim or argument
technical meaning meaning based on the text
positive connotation words that have a positive feeling
positive connotation words that have a negative feeling
Created by: mrs_anthony
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