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Final Exam Vocab

Vocab Words that will appear on the final

amiable friendly
extraneous unnecessary; unimportant
caustic like acid; corrosive
apochrypal of doubtful origin; false
animosity ill will; hostility
deplete to use up; lessen; reduce
amity friendship
auspicious favorable; promising
distinguish to recognize something seperately
transparent easily seen
sympathy shared feeling
incidental occurring accidentally
vital alive; important
abstract lacking substance; not concrete
resolute determined; firm; unwavering
acute sharp; shrewd
discord disagreement
deter to prevent; to stop
expunge to erase; to strike out
explicit `to make clear
vivid clear and bright
intensify to increase the strength
subjugate to subdue; dominate; enslave
conflict An event or events that challenges the character in a story.
climax The major conflict of the story that is either addressed or resolved by the end.
resolution The final step of the story arc where all conflicts are resolved in some way and the story ends.
exposition The first part of a story that introduces characters and setting. The conflict may also begin.
complication something that introduces, usually unexpectedly, some difficulty, problem, change, etc.:
Clique a small group of people with similar interests and goals Example: The clique invested the money and made a profit
Collective a group of people who own something together, usually a farm or a business. Example: The collective made a choice and bought the property.
Cooperative Cooperative (noun)-a company that is owned and run by the people who work in it The cooperative is owned and worked by Paul, Sally, and Sarah.
Invest to put money into something in the hopes that it will grow in value Example: His mother invested in his education so he could become a doctor.
Liability something for which someone is responsible Example: Sarah owns the car and she is liable for it.
Created by: tdarnell


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