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Janda 10 Interest Groups

What did Madison see as the fundamental cause of factions? the basis for factions was "sown into the nature of man"
What is the general paradox of how we think about Interest Groups and lobbyists? We hate them, except the ones that speak on our behalf.
What are the roles of interest groups? 1) Education 2) Representation 3) Agenda building 4) Program monitoring 5) Participation
What is the most heavily unionized (organized) sector of the US economy today? Government sector
What causes an interest group to form according to David Truman? Disturbance
What is the major difference between public interest groups and other lobbies? Public interest groups do not generally pursue the economic self-interest of their members.
What does the failure of residents of the West End neighborhood of Boston to organize suggest? 1) Pluralism may fail to insure representation 2) leadership is crucial to group organization 3) Individuals may fail to organize, even in the presence of major disruption. 4) Individuals without resources may be difficult to organize
List the variables frequently used to explain the likelihood of interest group formation. 1) Change in environment 2) leadership 3) Socioeconomic status of potential members 4) Activities of interest group entrepreneurs
List problems for interest groups 1) maintaining membership 2) attracting new members 3) Free-Rider problem 4) funding
527s possess one major difference from al other PACs (Political Action Committee). What is it? they can accept donations of an unlimited amount
List the tactics used in direct lobbying 1) Testifying at a committee hearing 2) organizing a demonstration 3) personal contact
What is the most commonly used grassroots lobbying tactic? letter writing
The Internet has created what principle effect on interest group organizations? decreased the costs for groups to organize
Describe the coalitions of groups formed for lobbying purposes. they tend to be informal and "ad hoc"
The proliferation of PACs, and the increasing pressure for the regulation of PACs, brings into conflict which two political values? Freedom and equality
Where do most PAC contributions come from? business groups and trade associations
Approximately what percent of PAC contributions come from business, professional, or corporate interests? 60%
Among western democracies, what types of government does the United States have? one of the most pluralist governments
Why do citizens' groups have good credibility? they are not motivated by financial gain.
Created by: mstreet
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