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to stick to, remain attached;to be devoted or loyal as a follower or supporter adhere
to declare to be true affirm
a wicked or cruel act atrocity
trial hearing for a perfomer audition
to struggle successfully against cope
to discourage,to scare off deter
causing uneasiness or worry disquieting
to give power or authority to empower
speaking or writing smoothly fluent
to move slowly or fall behind lag
injure seriously by crushing or tearing mangle
wrong idea,misunderstanding misapprehension
someone who expects for things to turn out the best optimist
to roam about stealthily prowl
to make stupid or dull or groggy stupefy
in a bad nasty mood sulky
something added to complete a thing supplement
to have a heavy violent swelling motion, a powerful forward rush surge
a quality or characteristic trait
dishonest unscrupulous
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