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Stack #190104

Appendix D Summary of Add-on codes
Appendix A Modifiers
Appendix M Summary of crosswalked deleted CPT codes
Appendix B Summary of additions, deletions, and revisions
Appendix J Electrodiagnositc medicine listing of sensory, motor, and mixed nerves
Appendix H Alphabetic index of performance measures by clinical condition or topic
Appendix F Summary of CPT codes exempt from modifier 63
Appendix K Product pending FDA approval
Appendix L Vascular families
Appendix I Genetic testing code modifiers
Appendix G Summary of CPT codes that include Moderate (conscious) sedation
Appendix C Clinical examples
Appendix E Summary of CPT codes exempt fom modifier 51
23 Unusual anesthesia
24 Unrelated evaluation and management service by the same physician during a postoperative period
22 Unusual procedural service
50 Bilateral procedure
26 Professional component
32 Mandated services
25 Significant, separately identifiable evaluation and management service by the same physician on the same doy of the procedure or other service
59 Distinct procedural service
90 Reference (outside) laboratory
62 Two surgeons
47 Anesthesia by surgeon
92 Alternative laboratory platform testing
82 Assistant surgeon (when qualified resident surgeon not available)
52 Reduced services
66 Surgical team
51 Multiple procedures
63 Procedure performed on infants
91 Repeat clinical diagnostic laboratory test
54 Surgical care only
77 Repeat procedure by another physician
GG Performance and payment of a screening mammogram and diagnostic mammogram on the same patient, same day
53 Discontinued procedure
76 Repeat procedure by same physician
99 Multiple modifiers
56 Preoperative management only
GH Diagnostic mammogram converted from screening mammogram on samy day
79 Unrelated procedure or service by the same physician during the postoperative period
55 Postoperative management only
78 Unplanned return to the operating/procedure room by the same physician following initial procedure for a related procedure during the postoperative period
CA Procedure payable only in the inpatient setting when performed emergently on an outpatient who expires prior to admission
58 Staged or related procedure or service by the same physician during the postoperative period
81 Minimum assistant surgeon
57 Decision for surgery
80 Assistant surgeon
GA Waiver of lability statement on file
RT right side (used to identify procedures preformed on the right side of the body)
QW CLIA waived test
GW Service not related to the hospice patient's terminal condition
LT Left side (used to identify procedures preformed on the left side of the body)
TC Technical component
E1 Upper left, eyelid
E2 Lower left, eyelid
E3 Upper right, eyelid
E4 Lower right, eyelid
FA Left hand, thumb
F1 Left hand, second digit
F2 Left hand, third digit
F3 Left hand, fourth digit
F4 Left hand, fifth digit
F5 Right hand, thumb
F6 Right hand, second digit
F7 Right hand, third digit
F8 Right hand, fourth digit
F9 Right hand, fifth digit
TA Left foot, great toe
T1 Left foot, second digit
T2 Left foot, third digit
T3 Left foot, fourth digit
T4 Left foot, fifth digit
T5 Right foot, great toe
T6 Right foot, second toe
T7 Right foot, third toe
T8 Right foot, fourth toe
T9 Right foot, fifth toe
E/M code range 99201-99499
Anesthesia code range 00100-01999
Surgery code range 10021-69990
Radiology code range 70010-79999
Pathology and Laboratory code range 80047-89356
Medicine code range 90281-99607
How are codes arranged within the six sections of the CPT From the top to bottom (head to toe)
Created by: cacoder