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Chapter 47


Angina Pain that lasts longer then 15 minutes that should be investigated as an MI
Decreased Estrogen levels increase the risk of cardiovascular disease
Nitroglycerin causes rapid vasodilation which increase the lumen size of the coronary arteries and delivers more oxygenated blood to the myocardium
Troponin (levels stay elevated up to 14) An enzyme released into the bloodstream after an MI
Mevacor A Statin that helps lower blood cholesterol levels
Blood Pressure is checked fist by sitting and then immediately after the patient stands to determine whether the position changes causes the blood pressure to drop
Thrombolytic An treatment that is started within 3 hours that helps prevent permanent myocardial damage from ischemia and anoxia
Bruit auscultated
Doppler Study The speed of (RBCs) is determined with a
TachyCardia Abnormally Fast Heart Beat
MI Causes Ischemia,anoxia and necrosis of the affected area
Purkinje fibers that deliver the electrical charge to the far reaches of the ventricles
Av Nodes The second part of the hearts conduction systems
Chest pain Lack of oxygen to the myocardium causes
Left atrium Blood is returned from the lungs by which atrium
oxygen - rich blood Pulmonary veins are the only veins that carry
CHF A sudden weight gain may indicate fluid retention in patients with
Diuretics potassium excretion , prevents complications
ACE Inhibitors Cause Vasodilation, Treat Hypertension, heart disease
Stiffness and Hardening Scar Tissue On the Valves Causes
Inherited Tendency Valve Breakdown In The Veins
CABG Open Heart Surgery ( The Procedure Is Described As Angioplasty)
Secondary Hypertension Is Idiopathic ( A pathologic condition in another body system, such as kidneys cause 2nd Hypertension
Statin Drugs Very Effective anti cholesterol medications
Pacemakers Used to stimulate the heart to contract with an electrical charge
Immune Reaction Occurs after a strep infection
Oral Anti Coagulant Therapy is prescribed for several months after DVT
Cardizem Calcium channel blocker
Pre Hypertension 120-139 / 80-89 mm hg
Antihypertensive used for patients with diabetes mellitus or chronic kidney disease is recommended if the patient has a BP of 120-139/80-89
Diuretics Are Always recommended for patients in stage 1 hypertension
Myocardial Infraction (MI) Heart Attack
Nitro Glycerin Administered through the sublingual
Atherosclerotic plaque Causes platelets to gather and stick together, forming a thrombus
Plaque Buildup female risk and symptoms are associated with the method of
CK Levels Begin to rise Approximately 6 hours after the beginning of a heart attack and reach its peak in 18 hours then return to normal in 24 - 36 hours
Ischemia Decreased supply of deoxygenated Blood
Mar fan Syndrome An Inherited Condition Characterized By Elongation
Intermittent Claudication Recurring cramping in the calves
Chordae tendons Tendons that anchor the cusps of heart valves
Vegetation Abnormal Growth of tissue surrounding a valve consisting of fibrin, platelets and bacteria
Scleroderma Autoimmune disorder that affects the blood vessels and connective tissues causing fibrous degeneration
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