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Greek/Latin 7+8

Pre-AP Greek and Latin Roots 7+8 "Separation"

Abrasive adj. Harsh; rough (Latin)
Abound 1. v. To exist great quantities or numbers. 2. To be fully supplied or filled. (Latin)
Abscond v. To leave quickly and secretly and hide oneself. (Latin)
Abhor v. To detest thoroughly. (Latin)
Abstemious adj. Sparing or moderate, especially in eating and drinking. (Latin)
Discreet adj. Showing tact, respect, and restraint in speech and behavior. (Latin)
Ascertain v. To find out something for certain. (Latin)
Discern v. To perceive; to detect differences. (Latin)
Infraction n. A violation, especially of a law.
Infringe v. To go beyond set limits (used with on or upon). (Latin)
Suffrage n. The right to vote, or a vote itself. (Latin)
Superlative adj. The highest; above the rest. (Latin)
Superfluous adj. Beyond what is required; extra. (Latin
Concise adj. Saying or writing much in few words. (Latin)
Herbicide n. A substance for killing plants, especially weed. (Latin)
Precise adj. Clearly expressed; exact; accurate in every detail. (Latin)
Analyze v. To look at something carefully by attention to its parts. (Greek)
Catalyst n. A force or person causing action, especially without being involved or changed by the consequences. (Greek)
Absolve v. To relieve of blame or obligation; to pardon to sin. (Latin)
Resolute adj. Determined; unshakable. (Latin)
Resolve v. To make a firm decision about. 2. To find a solution. (Latin)
Latin Root: "Ab" Away from.
Latin Root: "Cerno, Cernere, Crevi, Cretum" To separate, to sift, to decide.
Latin Root: "Frango, Frangere, Fregi, Fractum" To break.
Latin Root: "Caedo, Caedere, Cecidi, Caesum" To cut.
Greek Root: "Luein" To loosen, to untie.
Greek Root: "Lutos" Capable of being united.
Latin Root: "Solvo, Solvere, Solvi, Solutum" To loosen, to untie.
Words with the root "Ab" Abrasive, Abound, Abscond, Abhor, Abstemious.
Words with the root "Cerno, Cernere, Crevi, Cretum" Discreet, Ascertain, Discern.
Words with the root "Frango, Frangere, Fregi, Fractum" Infraction, Infringe, Suffrage.
Words with the root "Super" Superlative, Superfluous.
Words with the root : "Caedo, Caedere, Cecidi, Caesum" Concise, Herbicide, Precise.
Words with the root: "Luein or Lutos" Analyze, Catalyst.
Words with the root: "Solvo, Solvere, Solvi, Solutum" Absolve, Resolute, Resolve.
Latin Root: "Super" Above
Created by: Turicek