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A, P & T Final

Current to today A, P & T Final

What does the hormone cortisol regulate? Carbohydrates
Which gland is the "master gland" ? Pituitary Gland
Where is bile produced? Liver
Where is bile stored? Gallbladder
Where are sperm produced? Testes
What are the three layers of skin? Epidermis Dermis Subcutaneous (SubQ)
What part of the brain controls judgment and memory? Cerebrum
What is the name of the space between two nerves? Synapse
What blood type is the universal donor? Type 0
What blood type is the universal recipient? Type AB
What is the name of the outer later of the kidney? Cortex
Where are the axillary lymph nodes? Armpit
Where are the cervical lymph nodes? Neck
Where are the mediastinal lymph nodes? Chest
Where are the inguinal lymph nodes? Groin
Where are the adrenal glands? On top of each kidney
Define: Arteries- Carry blood away from heart
Define: Arthroscope- Instrument to view inside joint
Define: Broncho- Lung
Define: Capillaries- Where gas exchange occurs
Define: Colpo- Vagina
Define: Cornea- Refracts light into eyes
Define: Diarrhea- Semi- solid or liquid fecal matter
Define: Epiglottis- Flap of cartilage that covers larynx
Define:Femur- Largest, longest bone; thigh bone
Define: Gastro- Stomach
Define: Incontinence- Involuntary release of urine or fecal matter
Define: Laproscope- Instrument to visually exam the abdomen
Define:Ophthalmology- Study of the eye
Define: Oliguria- Scanty urination (very little)
Define: Oxytocin- Uterine contraction hormone
Define: -penia Too few
Define: Pharynx- Throat
Define: Phlebitis- Inflammation of a vein
Define: Pulse- Contraction and expansion of artery wall
Define: Trachea- Windpipe
Define: Tracheostomy- Surgical opening in the trachea
Define: Veins- Takes blood towards the heart
Define: Venogram- Record of a vein
The normal number of chromosones in the human body? 46
Which part of the long bone contains red bone marrow? Epiphysis with cancelpus
Which part of the brain controls respiration? Brain stem
What condition is caused by a virus traveling over a neural pathway? Shingles
What receptors are used for night vision? Rods
The eustachian tube connects the throat with what? Middle ear
Where are clusters of lymph nodes found? Axilla (Armpit)
What is the normal adult respiration rate in breaths per minute? 12/20
Part of kidney responsible for filtering waste? Nephron
The correct term and spelling for "inflammation of lung"? Bronchitis
What is the second stage of labor? Expulsion
What is the definition of preclampsia? Metabolic disease of pregnancy (Has to be this answer EXACTLY)
The straight point of a muscle is called what? Origin
Place in order: 1. Renal Pelvis 2. Ureter 3. Urinary Bladder 4. Urethra 3, 4, 2, 1 (Remember that EXACT number combination)
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