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celts group forced into Scottland, whales, and Ireland by the anglos saxons
vassal a low ranking noble under the protections of the feadual lord
king john the king who signed the manga carta in 1215
domesday book name of the census taken by william the conqure
kievean rus small territories that expands around the eastern city of kiev
fjord a narrow inlet of the sea in between clifs or steep slopes
aachen capitol of charlemenges empire
excommunicate to declare that a person/ group is no longer with the church
concordate agreement between the pope and the ruler of a country
otto 1 german king who the pope defeated
anti semitism hostility toward or discrimination of jews
vernacula the everday spoken language of aregion
heresy ideas that go against church teachings
scholastisim a way of thinking that combine faith and reason
theology the study of religion
the black death first spread on what trade route? silk road
what did medieval christians belive was the most important holy sacrament? communion
who was the famous nun who wrote music hildreg of binger
what does the russioan word czar mean? emporor
what caused the black death? fleas
who led the french army to victory in orleans? joan of arc
where did the franks settle? france and weastern germany
how did knights train for war? fighting each other pin tournamnets and special contests
what was the court that punished people suspected of heresy inquisition
between AD 1000 and 1200 what kind of familes did most nuns live with came form wealthy nobles homes
what did pope gregory forbid kings from doing in 1073 appoint high ranking nobles church officals
in 1095pope urban the second called the crusades on what group of people? muslim turks
the grand duke of moscow became a czar when who came to power? Ivan the second
between AD 800 and 900 Europe was invaded by muslims name two other groups that invaded Europe. magyeard and vikings
who were the only people considered citizens? MEN
wich king helped establish eglish common law? henry the second
name two important farm inventions of the middle ages heavy wheeled plow and hoarse collar
who was crowned king of england after the battle of hastings harold how
what did the spanish inqoustion require jews to do? covert or leave
in what system did the landowning nobles protect people in return for services feadalism
kievean rus gained wealth through river trade with scandina and which empire byzantine empire
what code did medivial knights follow? chivalry
what did each feudal territory have in its center? castel
explain how friars were different form other monks. friars left their monastaries
charalmenge belived in what for all people? education
what was something university students didn't have. books
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