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ITM med mass test

medical massage

kyphosis (humpback) exaggerated posterior curve of thoracic spine
kyphosis angularis caused by bacterial infection
kyphosis angularis complications breathing difficulties
kyphosis angularis teatment massage after infection is over
kyphosis acurata (more common) caused by postural
scoliosis unequal length of spinal muscles
thoracic outlet syndrome also called.. brachial neuralgia, pectoralis minor syndrome
thoracic outlet syndrome definition neurovascular entrapment of the brachial plexus
thoracic outlet syndrome definition blood vessels running to or from the arm are impinged or impaired at the thoracic outlet
thoracic outlet syndrome causes drooping shoulders in poor posture, hypertonic pectoralis minor
thoracic outlet syndrome signs & symptoms shooting pains, numbness, weakness, tingling
thoracic outlet syndrome symptoms worse when lifts arm over head
thoracic outlet syndrome treatment massage to release hypertonic musculature & trigger points & strengthen weakened musculature
rotator cuff tendonitis also called swimmer's shoulder, pitcher's shoulder
rotator cuff tendonitis causes due to trauma, repetitive use injury
rotator cuff tendonitis signs & symptoms horizontal adduction combined with medial rotation(bringing arm across chest)
adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder
adhesive capsulitis definition condition in which the shoulder is initially painful & gradually becomes restricted in motion in all directions
adhesive capsulitis treatment stretching, use moist heat, ROM
bicipital tendinosis definition condition affecting long head of biceps brachii where there is collagen degeneration in tendon
bicipital tendinosis massage deep transverse friction done longitudinal to the fibers to prevent dislocation of the tendon from the bicipital groove
bicipital tendinosis massage longitudinal stripping, static compression, stretch
scoliosis curvature may be C or S shaped
supraspinatus tendonitis pain in abduction 60-120 degrees
paradoxical breathing uses upper rib cage to expand, abdomen contract
diaphragm breathing uses lower rib to expand
internal costals respiratory & postural function
internal costals controls the ribs, thus inspiration & thoracic rotation
levator scapula, upper traps, scalenes common site of pain in neck & shoulders
traps & rhomboids muscle soreness, major source of upper back pain
trigger point on infraspinatus referring down outer aspect of outer arm
brachii plexus impinged scalenes & pectoralis minor
tightness in rhomboids pectoralis major
soreness bringing arms above head trigger point therapy
levator scapula pain & tightness in neck &shoulders
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