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Organic chemistry is the study of substances containing: A.carbon B. water C.hydrogen D.organisms A.carbon
Examples of organic substances include: A.pesticides B.minerals C.pure water D.metals A.pesticides
Matter is any substance that: A.occupies space B.contains carbon soluble in water either a solid or liquid A.occupies space
The particles from which all matter is composed are: A.elemental molecules B.compound molecules C.atoms D.chemical compounds C.atoms
Two or more atoms of the same element that are united chemically form a/an: A.elemental molecule B.chemical compound C.solid to liquid D.state of matter A.elemental molecule
When water boils, it is changing from one state of matter to another, from: A.liquid to gas B.gas to liquid C.solid to liquid D.solid to gas A.liquid to gas
When a physical change occurs in a substance, there is: A.a change in physical properties change in state of matter C.the formation of a new substance D.a chemical reaction A.a change in physical properties
The action of permanent haircolor is an example of a: A.physical change B.temporary change C.chemical change D.change in state of matter C.chemical change
Water (H2O) is an example of a/an: A.chemical compound B.element C.physical mixture D.solution A.chemical compound
Salt water and fruit salad are examples of a/an: A.pure substance B.physical mixture C.chemical compound D.element B.physical mixture
A blended mixture of two or more solids, liquids, or gases is a/an: A.solution B.suspension C.emulsion D chemical compound A.solution
Liquids that can be mixed together in any proportion without separating are: A.suspended B.immiscible C.emulsified D.miscible D.miscible
A substance that dissolves another substance to form a solution, with no change in chemical composition, is a/an: A.surfactant B.solvent C.emulsion D.solute B.solvent
A mixture that must be shaken or mixed well before using is a/an: A.suspension B.solution C.oil-in-water emulsion D.water-in-oil emulsion A.suspension
Most of the emulsions used in a salon: A.are water-in-oil emulsions not use surfactants C.contain more oil than water D.are oil-in-water emulsions D.are oil-in-water emulsions
Emulsions are mixtures of two or more: A.miscible substances B.surfactants C.immiscible substances C.immiscible substances
The head of a surfactant molecule is eater-loving, or: A.immiscible B.hydrophilic C.hydrophobic D.lipophilic B.hydrophilic
Substances that are often used instead of ammonia in hair products because their odor is not as strong are: A.silicone B.alcohol C.alkanolamines D.glycerin C.alkanolamines
A colorless gas with a strong odor, composed of hydrogen and nitrogen, is: A.glycerin B.fatty alcohol C.ammonia D.hydrogen peroxide C.ammonia
In pure water, some of the molecules naturally ionize into hydrogen ions and: A.nitrogen ions B.peroxide ions C.hydroxide ions D.oxygen ions C.hydroxide ions
pH is only possible because of the ionization of: A.alcohol B.water C.oil D.nonaqueous solutions B.water
The pH scale measures: A.acidity & alkalinity B.melting point & boiling point C.purity & hardness D.weight & density A.acidity & alkalinity
Solutions with a pH below 7.0 are: A.neutral B.alkaline C.basic D.acidic D.acidic
Alkalis have a pH above 7.0 and: A.taste sour B.turn blue litmus paper red C.soften and swell the hair D.contract and harden the hair C.soften and swell the hair
The average pH of hair and skin is: B.five C.three D.12 B.five
When a substance is combined with oxygen, the process is called: A.oxidation B.redox reaction C.reduction D.ionization A.oxidation
The chemical reaction in which hydrogen is added to a substance is: A.oxidation B.redox reaction C.reduction D.ionization C.reduction
A substance that readily transmits electricity is a/an: A.insulator B.rectifier C.converter D.conductor D.conductor
Rubber and silk are good: A.conductors B.circuit breakers C.converters D.conductors A.conductors
A constant electrical current traveling in one direction only is called a/an: A.alternating current current C.faradic current D.sinusoidal current current
A unit of electrical pressure is referred to as a/an: A.volt B.ohm C.watt D.ampere A.volt
An ampere (amp) is a unit of electrical: A.strength B.tension C.watt D.ampere A.strength
The amount of electrical energy that is being used in one second is measured in: A.watts B.amps C.volts D.ohms A.watts
A device that automatically interrupts or shuts off an electric circuit in the event of overload is the: A.fuse B.wall plate C.circuit breaker D.converter C.circuit breaker
Electronic facial treatments are known as: A.electrotherapy B.light therapy C.hydrotherapy D.shock therapy A.electrotherapy
The positive electrode of an electrotherapy device is called a/an: A.plug B.anode C.wall plate D.cathode B.anode
In electrotherapy, the cathode is: A.usually red B.the negative electrode C.the positive electrode D.marked with a plus (+) sign B.the negative electrode
A constant and direct current used to produce chemical effecxts on the tissue and fluids of the body is the: A.sinusoidal B.faradic current C.galvanic current D.tesla current C.galvanic current
An alternating and interrupted current used to cause muscular contractions is the: A.galvanic current B.faradic current C.faradic current D.tesla current C.faradic current
an electrical current used for its heat-producing effects is the: A.sinusoidal current B.galvanic current C.faradic current D.high-frequency current D.high-frequency current
The anode (positive electrode) of a galvanic device: A. expands blood vessels B.opened the pores C.contracts blood vessels D.produces alkaline reactions C.contracts blood vessels
The cathode (negative electrode) of a galvanic device: A.soothes nerves B.closed the pores C.stimulates the nerves D.hardens and firms tissues C.stimulates the nerves
The process of softening and emulsifying oil deposits and blackhead in the follicles is: A.cataphoresis B.anaphoresis C.desincrustation D.iontophoresis C.desincrustation
Visible light makes up __% of natural sunlight. A.50 B.5 C.35 D.65 C.35
Ultraviolet (UV) rays, also called cold rays or actinic rays, have short wavelengths and: A.are the least penetrating rays B.produce the most heat C. are safe in large doses D.have no germicidal effect A.are the least penetrating rays
The invisible rays that produce the most heat are the: A.ultraviolet rays B.infrared rays light rays D.actinic rays B.infrared rays
It is estimated that ___ Americans will develope skin cancer. A.1 in five B.1 in 100 C. 1 in 1,000 D.1 in 50 A.1 in five
"Combination light" is also known as: A.white light light C.ultraviolet light light A.white light
The average distance you should place an infrared lamp from the skin is about: A.18" B.10" C.30" D.24" C.30"
A safety precaution you shold always follow with electrical equipment is to: A.step on electrical cords B.use only one plug per outlet C.handle equipment with wet hands D.clean outlets with equipment plugged in B.use only one plug per outlet
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