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Government Unit 3

Review Part 1

An interest group that wants to contribute to candidates for Congress would most likely form a political action committee
An interest group that endorses a candidate is asking voters to elect the candidate
A political party's ideology is ideas about the proper goals of government
In our two-party system, each major party tries to appeal to as broad a base as possible
The main task of a national nominating convention is to choose a party's candidate for president
A common criticism of election campaigns is that they are too Negative
The best way for a voter to learn a candidate's detailed stand on a political issue check the candidate's Web site
Candidate A claims that Candidate B lied about his service record is an example of what type of campaigning? Negative Campaigning
Best description of a Political Action Committee an organization that donates money to candidates and political parties
Enforces the rules that apply to federal elections Federal Election Commission
The most basic means of political participation in a republic Voting
A result of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 Television ads must contain message approval statements
The Voting Rights Act limits the power of states to reduce the voting strength of minorities
In presidential elections, a swing state is a state where either candidate has a chance to win
A declaration of the party's beliefs and positions on all issues is called Platform
Function of political parties Find and select candidates to run, inform the public on the issues, and run campaigns
The political party's stand on a particular issue is called a .... Plank
Most influential factor in determining if a citizen decides to vote Educational background
Common goal to all interest groups influencing public policy
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