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PCT Exam Ch.2

Med Term

Abbreviation for eye, ear, nose and throat is ____ EENT
Abbr. for oncology is ___ Onc
Abbr. for obstetrics is ____ OB
"Heme" stands for ____ hematology
BICU stands for____ burn intensive care unit
CBC stands for ____ complete blood count
ABG stands for ____ arterial blood gas
HGB stands for ____ hemaglobin
Abbr. for creatinine is _____ cr/creat
HCT stands for ____ hematocrit
RBC stands for ____ red blood cell
Abbr. for white blood count is ___ WBC
VS stands for_____ Vital signs
AAS stands for ____ acute abdominal series
ECG and EKG are ____ the same
SBFT stands for ____ small bowel follow-through
MCG stands for ____ microgram
Cephalic vein is located in the _____ arm
Subclavian vein is located ____ in the chest
Dorsal metacarpal veins are located ____ in the hands
Tachycardia is ___ fast heart rate
____ is not a chest location Duodenum
Diastole and systole take place in the ____ heart
_____ is not part of the heart endocrine
Tiny vessels that connect the arteries and veins are____ capillaries
Cancer that has moved fomr primary site to other sites has_____ metastasized
____ is not part of the skin Sternum
Oil glands are called Sebaceous
Area between the vulva and anus on a woman and between the scrotum and anus on a man is called ____ perineum
Inflammation of the stomach and intestines causing discomfort is ____ gastroenteritis
inflammation of the large intestine is called ____ colitis
____ is not a type of bone fracture Sharp
Disease caused by loss of bone tissue ____ osteoprosis
Inflammation of the nerves that causes numbness and tingling inn the extremities is called ____ neuropathy
Iliac crest is part of the ____ pelvis
When the skin does not receive enough blood/O2 _____ is the result cyanosis
Oversecretion of hormones from he parathyroid glands is called _____ hyperparathyroidism
The pancreas_________ produces enzymes to break down food, regulated metabolism, regulates blood sugar levels
protrusion of eyes, seen in people with hyperthyroidism is called ______ expothalmus
Artificial opening in colon is____ stoma
_____ is not an intestinal disorder hepatitis
The jejunum is located ______ in the intestines
_____allows for swallowing and air way pharynx
Cause for urinary tract obstruction ____ scar tissue or kink
_____ is not a part of the male renal system Cervix
_____ is not part of the female renal system Seminal vesicle
Term for both sides ____ bilateral
Death of tissue ___ necrosis
no urine production for 24 hours anuria
Abdominal accumulation of fluid in abdomen is called ____ ascites
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