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Orchestra EOCT

Orchestra Final Semester #1

What does Lento Mean? Slow.
What should you do when Improvising? Be aware of the key your playing.
What were the Musical Stylistic Periods? Medieval-Renaissance-Baroque-Classical-Romantic-Modern.
What was the Date of The Renaissance Stylistic period? 1450-1600.
What was the date of the Baroque Period? 1600-1750.
Which 2 stylistic periods were very similar? Baroque & Classical.
What does Tenuto mean? To hold for the whole time value.
Who was Johann Strauss? A composer of the Romantic era.
What is it called when there are no sharps? C Major.
What is it called when there is 1 sharp? G Major.
What is it called when there are 2 sharps? D Major.
What is it called when there are 3 sharps? A Major.
What is it called when there are 4 sharps? E Major.
What does Presto mean? Extremely Quick.
Who were some composers of the Romantic Era? Tchaikovsky, Brahms , Schubert.
Who was the most famous classical musician? Mozart. (Pronounced: mow-t-sart)
Who was the most famous Baroque musician? J.S Bach.
What era was Telemann in? Classical.
What does the TOP number mean on a time signature? How many beats there are per measure.
What does the BOTTOM number mean on a time signature? What note gets the beat.
What are the most common BOTTOM time signature number? 1, 2, 4 , 8, & 16.
What does D.C stand for and what does it mean? DA CAPO. Means go back to beginning.
What does D.S stand for and what does it mean? DAL SEGNO. Means go to the little Alien-looking-like sign.
What does Fine mean? End.
What does the sign with a Cross on the O mean? Go To CODA.
Which of the following was NOT in the Baroque Period? BACH or BEETHOVEN. Beethoven.
What does Consortini(?) Mean? Mute.
What does CON mean? With.
What does Sul tasto Mean? Play over the fingerboard.
What does Sul Ponticello mean? Play near the bridge. It's the opposite of Sul Tasto.
What does Siempre mean? Always.
Describe the music of the Baroque Period. Predictable Tempo & Rythms; Boring, & Terraces Dynamics.
What are Terrace Dynamics? Like Stairs; Either Loud or Soft.
What Period was Mahler from? Modern.
What does Al Cello Rondo Mean? Start to go fast; Gradually Faster.
What does Stringendo mean? Same as Al Cello Rondo: Start to go fast; Gradually Faster.
What does Ritardo mean? To gradually Slow down.
What does Allegro mean? Quick; Happy; Largo.
How many basic notes are there? 8. Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Do.
What is the Pattern for a Major scale? W W 1/2 W W W 1/2.
What kind of STEP does a Major Scale have? Whole Step.
In Baroque it is either... Loud or Soft. Never Crescendos.
Who was the Farandole from? Biz├ęt L'arlesienne Suite No.2.
What does Andante mean? Walking Tempo.
What does Liseto(?) Mean? Even.
What does Staccato Mean? Space Between notes.
What does Marccato mean? Jumping notes; Marked; SHORT.
When there is a Dotted Half-Note, what does it mean? What the notes increases by 1/2 a beat.
What does Cantabile mean? Like a Singer.
What does Contomo(?) Mean? Motion.
Who studied with Guirshein? Ravel.
What era was Cordelli from? Baroque.
Created by: Bryan.Klein
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