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WVSOM: Male Exam

Male Exam

Normal size of teste 4x3x2
Which testicle is normally lower left
What is cryptochidism?What is it associated with Absence of one or both testes20-40% risk of cancer
What is orchalgia testicular pain
What type of infections usually effect the epidiymis bacterial (gradual onset)
What is the build up of veins called that appears as a bag of worms in the scrotum.Usually on the left side Varicoceles
What is hydrocele Fluid accumulation in tunica vaginalis
Does hydrocele transilluminate YES
What is the swelling of of the epididymis called, when no transillumination can be seen spermatocele
Which is larger, spermatocele or hydrocele hydrocele
What is it called when a congential defect causes the urethral opening to lie too far ventral to the glans shaft or penile area Hypospadias
What is the inability to retract forskin called Phimosis
What is the inability to replace foreskin that has beeen retracted called Paraohimosis
Balantis is what inflammation of the GLANS ONLY
White discharge chlamydia
Yellow-green discharge gonococcal
Painful urination is usually associated with what UTI (urinary tract infection
How many lobes does the prostate have 5
Give the normal size for the prostate 4x3x2
Which lobe of the prostate is not palpable middle
THe normal enlargement of the prostate is reffered to as what Benign Prostatic hyperplasia(number of cells increase, not the size)
Which lobe is the most common site for cancer posterior
What is the mnemonic for BPH NUTS (Nocturnal flow, urine dribbles, try to avoud, and Small stream)
What does PSA stand for Prostatic specific antigen
Does PSA increase or decrease in the presence of cancer increase
A normal prostate will protrude how far into the rectum <1cm
How far does a stage 2 enlargement of the prostate protrude into the rectum 2-3cm
How far does a grade 4 enlargement of the prostate protrude into the rectum >4cm
Where do fissues or tears usually occur posterior midline
What is a fistula a tract running between the anus and other tissues caused bya drainage of an abcessCan have purulent drainage
Puritus Ani is also known as what anal burning or itching
At what age of gestation does male differentiation begin 8th week
A sudden distention of the renal pelvis would signal what kidney stones or infection
Sudden distention of uppper ureter woudl cause what flank pain and pain in the ipsilateral testicle
Distention of the lower ureter would cause pain where lower abdomen and scrotum
Pain from stones or infection in the bladder woudl occur where suprapubic area
Glass 1, 2 and 3 refer to what Urine in the bloodstream. 1 being at the beginning and 3 being at the end
What does glass 1 mean only a urethral source
what does glass 3 mean source of bleeding is above the neck of the bladder
Bleeding in all three glasses suggest what renal, diffuse or massive bleeding
What are two major risk factors for penile cancer not being circumsized and genital warts (HPV)
Name 3 risk factors for prostate cancer older than 50, african american, and high fat diet
Name 5 risk factors for colorectal cancer older than 40family historypersonal historyhigh fat, low fiber dietenviornmental exposures
Created by: lowryc
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