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Lesson 9 AW

acute severe; sharp
amity friendship; stat of good relationship with someone or some group
asperity roughness; severity
belligerent threatening; hostile
carp to complain or criticize someone
compromised came to an agreement from opposing views
cosmopolitan urbane; sophisticated
depleted used up
discored a state of disagreement
effusive marked by expression of excessive emotion or enthusiasm
esoteric not widely understood; or little universal interest
exuberant joyously unrestrained
galvanize to stimulate or excite
histrionic exaggerated; dramatic
incessant continuous; unrelenting
innovate to create or improve upon something
lackluster displaying little energy, brilliance, or sheen
merger the joining of several things into a single unit
noxious physically harmful
overwrought very agitated or excited; excessively elaborated
pernicious having a harmful or destructive effect upon; poisonous
preclude rule out in advance
proximity quality or state of closeness
relegate to diminish the importance of something
rotund rounding in shape
slander to damage someone's reputation with a false charge
stymie to obstruct or stand in the way of
terse concise; without an extraneous words; polished
vagary an unpredictable or random action or event
volition will; intent
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