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Reconstruction question-answer, Amendments,Resistance, Freedmen

How did the Lincoln plan treat Confederate soldiers? they got amnesty
What was the name Lincoln's plan was known by? the 10% Plan
Why was Lincoln's plan known as the 10% Plan a state could rejoin the Union when 10% of its citizens had signed a loyalty oath to the Union.
How was order kept in the South at the beginning of Reconstruction? The Union army occupied the south
What was the stated reason that Congress tried to impeach Pres. Johnson. He violated the Tenure of Office Act when he tried to fire his Secretary of State.
What were the real reason that Congress tried to impeach Pres. Johnson. He resisted their program for Reconstruction
Why were southern whites able to commit crimes of intimidation against Freedmen to keep them from voting? Southern juries were made of up of white people who commonly refused to convict people of those crimes.
How were white southerners able to restrict the Freedmen from voting without violating the 14th amendment They used the poll taxes and literacy tests. Grandfather Clause was used to allow white people to vote without those obstacles.
Which reconstruction plan allowed southern states to pass Black Codes? Johnson's plan
Which reconstruction plan favored military occupation of the south? Congressional Reconstruction
Which reconstruction plan allowed the Democratic Party to regain control in the south after the war? Johnson's Plan
What opinions and feelings in the north helped lead to the end of reconstruction. 1-People were tired of the issue. 2-People felt that the Federal government had taken too much authority. 3-Military occupation was expensive.
What economic issues helped lead to the end of reconstruction? The Panic of 1873 led people to be more concerned with their economic problems than the rights of the Freedmen.
What event led to the formal end of reconstruction? The election of 1876 was a tie between Hayes and Tilden. This led to the Compromise of 1877 where Hayes became president and, in return, military occupation of the south ended.
The myth of the Lost Cause included this idea about reconstruction governments in the south They were led by Freedmen and other Republicans and were therefore corrupt.
Freedmen joined what political party. Republicans
Created by: football09
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