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STEP 1 2010-1

英検1級 1

repatriate to bring or send back (a person, especially a prisoner of war, a refugee, etc.) to his or her country or land of citizenship.
infiltrate to filter into or through; permeate
invigorate to give vigor to; fill with life and energy; energize.
mortify to humiliate or shame, as by injury to one's pride or self-respect
verify to prove the truth of, as by evidence or testimony; confirm; substantiate
gratify to give pleasure to (a person or persons) by satisfying desires or humoring inclinations or feelings
acquittal discharge; release
larceny the wrongful taking and carrying away of the personal goods of another from his or her possession with intent to convert them to the taker's own use
defiance a daring or bold resistance to authority or to any opposing force.
tyranny arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power; despotic abuse of authority.
elaborate to add details to; expand: marked by intricate and often excessive detail
adversarial a person, group, or force that opposes or attacks; opponent; enemy; foe
emancipate to free from restraint, influence, or the like.
perks privileges, fringe benefits, etc, pertaining to a job or assignment
tab a small flap, strap, loop, or similar appendage, as on a garment, used for pulling, hanging, or decoration.
stake a monetary or commercial interest, investment, share, or involvement in something, as in hope of gain:
slacken to make or become less active, vigorous, intense, etc
exasperate to irritate or provoke to a high degree; annoy extremely
stammer to speak with involuntary breaks and pauses, or with spasmodic repetitions of syllables or sounds
sanctuary a sacred or holy place
derision mockery; scorn
excavate to make hollow by removing the inner part; make a hole or cavity in
replenish to make full or complete again, as by supplying what is lacking, used up, etc.
abort to fail, cease, or stop at an early or premature stage
recant to withdraw or disavow (a statement, opinion, etc.), especially formally
straddle to walk, stand, or sit with the legs wide apart; stand or sit astride
drool to water at the mouth, as in anticipation of food; salivate; drivel
muffle to wrap with something to deaden or prevent sound
balk to stop, as at an obstacle, and refuse to proceed or to do something specified
prudence caution with regard to practical matters; care taken in the management of one's resources
decadence the act or process of falling into an inferior condition or state; deterioration
ebullience high spirits; exhilaration; exuberance
virulence venomous hostility
Created by: na235
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