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Jerry section1

Who invaded Northern Europe? The Vikings
What does topography mean? Geography
When does Charlemagne become king? 768
Who are three important Frankish leaders? Charles Martel, Pepin the short, and Charlemagne
what were two important rivers? the Rhine and Danube
who were three people who helped spread christianity? St. Patrick, St. Boniface, and Pope Gregory1
What were activities Monks performed? Studied the Bible,prayer,help the sick,copied manuscripts,worked in library's , and worked in workshops and gardens
What were vows monks took? Poverty,remain a monk till death,charity,obideance to the order
What were activities nuns performed? Studied the bible,prayed,bookkeeping,poets, and musicians
What were opportunities convent life offered? Study and scholarship,safety,food,shelter, and clothing
who were the most successful raiders in the Middle Ages? The Vikings
what three groups attacked Europe? Vikings, Hungarians, and Arabs
what were the jobs of the lady of the manor? to make sure there was enough food, candles, and linen
why did feudalism develop? the emperor couldn't protect the people from raiders
what is a role? job
Created by: Jerrym1