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3S071 Vol 3

Self-Test Questions Unit 2

What does EQUAL provide Airmen? A listing of the assignment requirements available for upcoming assignment cycles and allows Airmen the opportunity to align personal preferences to actual Air Force needs.
What is EQUAL–Plus, as a supplement to EQUAL, used for? Supplements the EQUAL and is used to advertise requirements for special duty assignments, joint and departmental assignments, short-notice OS assignments, and all CMSgt assignments.
Upon receipt of Assignment Notification RIP from the HQ AFPC, how many days does the Career Development element have to verify the member’s eligibility? 7 calendar days.
For short-notice assignments, what is the notification period for the Career Development element and the unit? 3 calendar days.
List the documents maintained within the relocation folder. Assignment selection letter, message, or RIP, AF IMT 907, Relocation Preparation Checklist,
In what instance does the Career Development element prepare and forward a security requirement memorandum to the member’s commander? When the assignment requires a higher or more current security clearance than one possessed; eligibility for special access; or eligibility for assignment to a special program.
In what cases will the Career Development element ensure medical clearance for dependents is completed? in the cases of CONUS to overseas assignments, COT, DLM, and for the EFMP.
What must members applying for home-basing and follow-on assignments do? Members applying for a HB or FO must turn in their applications within 15 days of initial PCS relocation briefing
After relocating members receive their orders, what type of counseling will TMO provide? PCS travel, dependent travel, shipment of HHG, accompanied or unaccompanied baggage, non-temporary storage, shipment of a mobile home (if applicable), and shipment and/or storage of POV.
For what reasons will the Career Development element not release PCS orders? PCS orders will not be released until the member has completed all medical, dental, security clearance, retainability and PPC requirements. & receipt of approval/disapproval of FO or HB application
When does an ETS occur? When the member completes an enlistment contract or term of service required by active duty orders.
Once an Airman receives the separation approval e-mail, what actions does he or she take? Access AFPC secure and take the online “Initial Separation Briefing”. After completing the Initial Separation Briefing, the member will complete the Pre-Separation Order Worksheet.
List the reasons for an administrative separation. (1) Parenthood. (2) Entry-level performance and conduct. (3) Conditions that interfere with military service. (4) Erroneous enlistment.
List the reasons for entry level performance and conduct separation. (1) Lack of aptitude for military service. (2) Failure to adapt to the military environment. (3) Failure to make satisfactory progress in a required training program. (4) Lack of self discipline
List five reasons an Airmen would be subject to discharge for unsatisfactory performance. (1) Failure to perform assigned duties (2) downward trend in performance ratings. (3) Failure to demonstrate the qualities of leadership (4) Failure to maintain standards of dress and personal appearance (5) Failure to progress in military training
What does an honorable discharge reflect to the world? The member has satisfactorily completed a commitment to military service.
List the reasons why an officer would be discharged or released from duty. (1) aren’t selected for promotion. (2) 2LT not qualified for promotion.(3) Officers who aren’t continuing on AS. (4) Officers who don’t complete training (5) Administrative discharge for cause.
Describe administrative discharge for cause. Applies to members for failing to meet the prescribed standards of performance and conduct, for misconduct, for moral or professional dereliction, when they pose a threat to national security.
When may an officer submit a resignation for the good of the service? Officers may submit a resignation for the good of the service with the understanding that the SECAF may direct a discharge UOTHC when their conduct makes them subject to trial by court-martial.
When are members eligible for retirement? On the first of the month after completing 20 years of TAFMS, 10 years of TAFCS (in order to retire in officer status), and fulfilled all ADSCs.
What is the purpose of the PRP program? To ensure that each person who performs duties involving nuclear weapons meets the reliability standards of the PRP.
How are PRP positions designed? Either critical or controlled and restricted to the minimum number required to accomplish the mission.
Describe the reviewing official. normally the wing commander or director including a commander or director of a non-nuclear installation and will hold this position and will be PRP certified if performing PRP duties.
Regarding PRP certification, what must personnel in the Career Development element ensure after receiving an assignment RIP? Review the assignment RIPs closely in order to communicate the PRP certification requirements to the installation monitor, and the respective unit monitor.
During the initial certification process, what happens after the determination is made? Once that determination is made, it is time for the member to be investigated, medically evaluated, their personnel records will be reviewed, there will be a personal interview, proficiency qualification, and any PDI if applicable, will be identified.
Under what conditions may an interim certification be made? must have either Secret eligibility based on a completed and adjudicated investigation w/i the last 5 years or have had TS eligibility based on an investigation no more than 10 years ago
When evaluating traits or conduct for disqualification, removal, or reinstatement what must the certifying and reviewing official ensure? There is no reasonable doubt of an individual’s reliability and that it is in the best interest of national security that the individual be assigned to duties involving nuclear weapons.
List the examples of negative behavior, which may lead to disqualification and removal. Alcohol-related incident; alcohol abuse; alcohol dependency; drugs; drug-related incident; drug abuse; other substances.
Why did the Air Force establish a promotion system? To ensure timely periodic promotions and to permit more stable career progression opportunities.
When does the promotion cycle begin? With AFPC WAPS database where the eligibility file is created.
When does the promotion file build begin? With the announcement by AFPC/DPSOE via a Personnel Delivery Memorandum (PSDM) with processing instructions for that upcoming cycle.
Describe the responsibilities AFCDA. Establishes and implements all procedures necessary to process, publish, publicize, and distribute the CDCs and SCs required to support WAPS testing in a timely manner.
What does the Air Force use AFMPTS for? To select and classify individuals and assess their skills and knowledge in various areas.
What type of testing is prepared at AFOMS? SKTs; PDGs; and other related materials as specified by HQ AFPC Test Management Office.
How are boards scores determined? By considering performance, leadership, breadth of experience, job responsibility, professional competence, specific achievements, and education.
Why was EPROM release web created? To transform the delivery of enlisted promotion information.
What does the web-based promotion release application eliminate? the delay some members experience when trying to determine their select/non-select status, and the requirement for any advance notification.
Once the promotion selections are made, what actions follow? HQ AFPC places the promotion select list on the AFPC Secure and public web sites for commander and member notification.
Who administers the promotion program? The SECAF administers through the Chief of Staff, USAF, and the Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel (DCS/P).
What is guaranteed by the SECAF regarding selection boards? The independence and integrity of selection boards by prohibiting unauthorized communications to boards and ensures compliance with DoDD 1320.12, DoDI 1320.14 and applicable laws.
Describe the fundamental purpose of an officer promotion. To select officers, through a fair and competitive process.
What information is Career Development element staff responsible to verify? To identify all assigned eligible officers and verify their eligibility status.
Who implements the promotion program, and how? HQ AFPC implements the promotion program approved by the SECAF through a fair and impartial process to ensure the officer corps has confidence in the integrity of the selection process.
Describe your responsibilities regarding non-selection for promotion results. Prepare the required nonselection letters and send the signed letters of acknowledgment, on the first and second time nonselectees, to HQ AFPC/ARMS for filing in the member’s electronic record.
After selection announcements are made, when are selected officers notified to assume the higher grade? Capt: at least 30 days in advance of the date he or she can assume the higher grade. Majors & above, after announcement of the monthly promotion increments or 30 days prior to the projected promotion date for medical officers.
Created by: alejandraisabel
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