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medterm 13

ovaries produces ova
fallopian tubes uterine
estrogen and progesterone ovaries secrete two hormones
gynecologist studies female reproductive system
obstetrician studies pregnancy
amnion the inner sac surrounding fetus
amniocentesis puncture of amnion to withdraw fluid
cervix the narrow neck of uterus
cervicectomy surgical removal of cervix
the vagina birth canal
embryo an early stage of human development
vulva includes labia majora, labia minora, and citoris
episiotomy cutting into vulva
fetus a later stage of human development
agravida no pregnancies
cervix narrow lowest region that opens into the vagina
endometrium inner lining of uterus
hysterorrhexis ruptured uterus
laparoscope instrument for visually examining abdomen
mammogram record of breast
oligomenorrhea scanty menstrual flow
neonatal pertaining to a newborn
the ovum the egg cell that carries the mother's half chromosomes
primipara first birth
antepartum before childbirth
salpingocyesis pregnancy in fallopian tube
spontaneous abortion miscarriage
abruptio placentae placenta tears away from uterine wall
atresia lack of normal body opening
cervical cancer HPV
C-section surgical birht of baby through incision into abdomial and uterine wall
CVS removal of small piece of chorion for genetic analysis
conization surgical removal of a core of cervical tissue for testing
D&C widening cervix and scraping out endometrial lining
ectopic pregnancy occurring outside of uterus
fetal monitoring check fatal heart rate
fibrocystic breat disease benign
fibroid tumor benign tumor of fiberlike tissue
fistula abnormal passageway
HDN erthroblastosis fetalis
IVF test tube baby
infertility inability to produce children
Pap smear test for early detection of cervical cancer
premature birth birth of fetus before 37 weeks of gestation
stillbirth viable-age fetus
tubal ligation tying off of fallopian tubes to prevent pregnancy
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