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Karina Nuñez

A new Civilization in Europe

What other term describes the term, modern age? Medieval Age
When did the Franks rule much of the present-day France and Germany? Around the 530s
What did some of Europe's topography include? Plains, mountains, and waterways
Who Reuntied the Frankish lands? Charles Martel
Where was Charlemagne's territory, by the year 800? Most of Central and Western Europe
Who became the first leader of a new dynasty, the Carolingian dynasty? Pepin the short
How was the Song of Roland inspired? Charlemagne's attack against the Spanish Muslims
How else was Charlemagne known as? Charles the Great
What divided the Empire, around 840? Charlemagne's death, and conflicts among his grandsons
What kind of weather did Western Europe have? Mediterranean
What were some opportunities convent life offered? Study, scholarship, becoming poet or Musician
What were different benefits of the convent? Shelter, protection, food, and water
What were vows monks took? Poverty, chastity, obedience to the order, and to remain monk until death.
Who made up these vows? St. Benedict
What is a vow? Serious promise
What was heaven to Christians? Perfect place of peace and beauty
Who spread Christianity to Ireland? St. Patrick
Where did St. Boniface spread Christianity to? Northern Europe
How could they get to heaven? (Examples) Leaving sinful ways, following sacraments, and following Christ's teachings
What were humans nature? Weak and sinful
Created by: KarinaN1