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Acrid sharp; pungent (of smells and tastes)
boorish ill-mannered
cynical believing that people act only out of selfish motives
obscure hard to understand
terse concise, to the point
respite a break, a pause
acrophobia fear of heights
debility physical weakness, incapacity
hiatus interruption, pause
languid tired, slow
Poised calm (=collected)
Resplendent shining; glowing
Therapeutic medicinal, curative
Acuity sharpness (mental or visual)
Debunk expose the false claims or myths
Epitomize typify; characterize
Hidebound (opinions) unwilling to change due to tradition or convention
Obsequious servile, submissive
Polemical causing debate or argument
Restorative a tonic (thuốc bổ)
Thwart prevent sb from doing sth
Adamant inflexible; refusing to change one's mind
Brawny muscular
Decathlon an athletic competition with 10 events
Equivocate speak ambiguously; avoid telling the truth
Larceny theft, robbery
Ponderous slow and heavy
Retention preservation; withholding
Timorous cowardly
Brevity (n) being brief
Decorum dignified behaviors
Largess generosity
Pontificate speak pompously (showily); preach
Reticent restrained; uncommunicative
Tirade long (angry) speech (of accusation/criticism)
Convention the way things are usually done
Inviolable cannot be invaded or broken
Morose gloomy; bad tempered
Persnickety fastidious, fussy (very concerned about details and accuracy)
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