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3S071 Vol 1

Self-Test Questions Unit 2

What is the AF’s policy on classified material and unclassified controlled information? To identify, classify, downgrade, declassify, mark, protect, and destroy classified information and material consistent with national policy.
What actions are considered strictly prohibited when utilizing control measures? Collecting, obtaining, recording, or removing, for any unauthorized use whatsoever, of any sensitive or classified information, is strictly prohibited.
What could happen if no control measures are placed on classified materials? Information could fall into the wrong hands and give the enemy an unfair advantage.
What is the commander, or equivalent, and staff agency chief responsible for? Implementing the information security training program, developing supplemental training tools, and assessing the health of their programs on a continuous basis.
List the security program responsibilities required of you as a supervisor. Conduct and ensure personnel receive training as required by AFI 31–401, document training & ensure credit is given for course completion or briefing attendance, establish criteria, evaluate, & rate employees on their performance of responsibilities.
What are supervisors responsible for during an initial security orientation? Ensuring their cleared personnel are knowledgeable of their security responsibilities relating to their jobs and the organization’s mission within 90 days of assignment to the unit or before they access classified information.
What is JPAS? DOD personnel security clearance and access database that facilitates personnel security management for the DD Central Adjudication Facilities (CAF), security managers, and offers both non-sensitive compartmented information (SCI) and SCI functions.
How do security personnel use JAMS? used by adjudicative personnel only and provides case management, distribution, adjudication decisions, adjudicative history and summary, due process, and future ability for each CAF to access investigative reports electronically
Who may grant access to classified information? Personnel who have authorized possession, knowledge, or control of classified information.
When can access be granted to classified information? When required for mission essential needs and when the individual has the appropriate clearance eligibility, has signed an SF 312, and has a need to know the information.
What is considered a prerequisite for obtaining access to classified information? Signing the SF 312, Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement.
What information must be included when requesting authority to grant access outside of the executive branch? name, SSN, date, place of birth, citizenship; place of employment; location the person needs access: level of access; subject of info accessed; full justification for disclosing classified info; &what the US Government may expect by approving request.
Name three factors to consider during the risk assessment process. 1 The environment in which the material will be hand carried. 2 The sensitivity of the information. 3 The availability of authorized facilities for storing the classified during overnight layovers at the TDY location.
What reasons will the Department of State courier system be used? 1 Transporting classified material through or within countries hostile to the US or any foreign country that may inspect it. 2 Transporting TS material to an installation serviced by diplomatic pouch.
Within how many days must the sender trace unacknowledged receipts? Within 30 days for material sent within the CONUS and within 45 days for material sent outside of the CONUS.
When you acquire information on electronic transmission and physical transportation, who should you contact? Supporting COMSEC manager.
Why are laptops a high risk? Because of their commercial value.
What must couriers ensure when using laptops to hand-carry classified information? Ensure both laptop and disks are prepared properly.
How is communication defined by Webster’s Dictionary? As the exchange of ideas, messages, or information, as by speech, signals, or writing.
List the principles of good communication (1) Focus. (2) Organization. (3) Clarity. (4) Understanding. (5) Support.
What are the seven steps to effective communication? (1) Analyze purpose and audience. (2) Research your topic. (3) Support your ideas. (4) Organize. (5) Draft. (6) Edit. (7) Fight for feedback.
What are some tips to consider for having success with your audience? (1) Rank (2) Jargon (3) Be inclusive (4) Tone (5) Courtesy (6) Make it personal, (7) Be positive
How many approaches are used to research your topic? Five; review the purpose and scope of project; assign a deadline; ask the boss; determine what is known; and determine where to find information.
What are the common types of evidence used to support your ideas? (1) Definitions, (2) Testimonials. (3) Statistics. (4) Facts. (5) Explanations.
What are the six rules to e-mail communication? (1) Be clear and concise. (2) Watch your tone. (3) Be selective about the message you send. (4) Be selective about who receives your message. (5) Check your attachments and support material. (6) Keep your e-mail under control
What is the most common mistake when sending an e-mail? Forgetting to attach any/all attachments.
What form is highly utilized by the USAF to take phone messages? Optional Form 363.
What actions do you take once an individual completes reenlistment paperwork and brings it to you? Perform a quality check and make any required corrections with the member’s acknowledgement.
What will you need to do before updating a reenlistment or extension in the DJMS? Access the MMPA file to pull a “T18” product.
What are the career development element reenlistment and extension responsibilities? To update the appropriate DJMS transaction, extend the enlistment on all members, and ensure reenlistment and extension actions are completed correctly and in a timely manner
Which update is used to cancel N7 projections when the action has not consummated? E6F.
Which update is used to report a reenlistment or extension to DFAS? E63.
Which update is used to correct a member’s Master Military Pay Account (MMPA) TOE? TU5.
Which update is used to cancel an extension? TU6.
When does an RDJ reject code appear? When the reenlistments clerk updates a reenlistment or extension, but does not include the obligated service.
When does a VAM reject code appear? When the E6 update was input prior to 120 days before the projected date of enlistment or the date of enlistment is more than 1 year from the current date.
What product is considered our main standard product? Transaction register.
What does the DJMS data change TR reflect? Data on transactions flowing to DFAS plus the source document identification code.
What are PSM responsibilities? To retain the certified copy of TRs for six months after the last day of the action month and must send the original of all DJMS Data Change TRs to DFAS within six workdays after the end of the month.
What does the DJMS Miscellaneous TR reflect? DJMS transactions received from DFAS of a miscellaneous nature such as an expired ETS, confirmations, and AUTODIN discrepancies
What does the DJMS Rejects TR show? Transactions that affect pay and was submitted by the MPS that rejected at DFAS.
What does the File Monitor TR reflect? Actions that need to be taken to ensure MILPDS contains accurate, timely data.
The File Monitor is divided into what two parts? Suspense and notification.
Why were MAPs designed? To help identify potential database errors and assist with database integrity issues.
Who uses MAPs and how are they used? These are used in-house as a self-assessment tool to determine, and to help address, any areas that might have potential problems.
How often should MAPs be produced? On a monthly basis, at a minimum.
Why were the MAP spreadsheets designed? As a baseline tool to aid in cleaning up and maintaining the MILPDS data base.
How is MAP6, Enhancements Quality Check, utilized? To ensure that reenlistment codes, assignment availability codes and promotion eligibility codes are compatible.
What does MAP12A identify? Members below the grade of MSgt with more than 18 years TAFMS, and within 2 years of their DOS.
What action is specifically an important part of accessions? Date tracking, another way to help ensure integrity of the personnel data system
Created by: alejandraisabel
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