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3S071 Vol 1

Self-Test Questions Unit 1

What responsibilities does the Chief of Staff, United States Air Force (CSAF) perform? Presides over the Air Staff and performs his duties under the authority, direction, and control of the Secretary of the Air Force (SECAF) and is the principle advisor to the SECAF on Air Force activities.
List two responsibilities of the Air Staff. 1. Investigating and reporting on the efficiency of the Air Force and its preparation to support military operations by combatant commands. 2. Preparing detailed instructions for executing approved plans and supervising the execution of those plans.
What is the name of the office with the office symbol of AF/A1? Deputy Chief of Staff, Manpower and Personnel
What are the names of the subordinate units that make up AF/A1? Issues Team (AF/A1I), Executive Services (AF/A1Z), Directorate of Amn Development & Sustainment (AF/A1D), Directorate of Manpower & Organization (AF/A1M), Directorate of Force Management Policy (AF/A1P), & Directorate of Plans & Integration (AF/A1X).
What does the Issues Team (AF/A11) provide? Independent analytical support directly to AF/A1 on all issues affecting Air Force members and their families.
How does the Executive Services team (AF/A1Z) provide support to the AF/A1? By managing workflow & tracking correspondence, administering & monitoring security & safety programs, managing personnel prgms, maintaining unit-level records, controlling non-appropriated fund allotments, & overseeing purchase of supplies & equipment.
List the specific programs and policies for which AF/A1D has responsibility. Commander’s Support Program, Compensation Policies, Community Support Programs, Airmen Development, Academic Development and Skills Development Programs, Assignment and Classification Policy...
What is AF/A1P responsible for communicating to AF/A1? For developing objectives, performing analysis, and developing force management policies to effectively shape and balance the AF’s Total Force workforce (Active, Guard, Reserve, and Civilians).
List the specific programs and policies for which AF/A1X is responsible Development of Personnel Strategic Plans, Doctrine, & Legislation, PSD Implementation, Human Resource Process Design/Re-design, System Requirements Determination, Technology Planning & Integration, and BRAC data collection and analysis.
What is a field operating agency (FOA)? A subdivision of the Air Force directly subordinate to a HQ USAF functional manager.
List the three FOAs. Headquarters Air Force Personnel Center (HQ AFPC); Air Force Manpower Agency (AFMA); and Air Force Personnel Operations Agency (AFPOA).
What is the mission of HQ AFPC? To provide Air Force commanders, military members and civilian employees world-class personnel operations.
Which two centers consolidated to form HQ AFPC? Air Force Military Personnel Center and Air Force Civilian Personnel Management Center.
How many directorates make up HQ AFPC? Seven
Which directorate is responsible for executing the AEF? Air and Space Expeditionary Force Operations.
Which directorate is the Air Force focal point for Missing in Action/Prisoner of War programs, members reported missing, captured and imprisoned, and members placed in an absent without leave/deserter status? Force Operations.
Which directorate is the information technology focal point for AFPC and provides lifecycle management and sustainment of personnel data and records management systems for active duty, guard, and reserve personnel? Personnel Data Systems.
Which directorate exercises centralized authority for planning and executing all military and civilian personnel management programs supporting Personnel Services Delivery Transformation? Personnel Services.
What type determinations does AFMA make? Those concerning manpower requirements to execute wartime and home-station capabilities supporting Air Force CONOPS.
What are the responsibilities of AFPOA? Designs, develops, and tests personnel processes, systems, and technologies to deliver streamlined and improved personnel services...
What program imposed an additional 1,882 cut in authorizations on the personnel community? PBD 720.
What did the BLSDM force shaping program outline? How manpower reductions were accomplished to ensure the Air Force met force reduction requirements and maintained mission capability.
How did the transformation of the squadron structure begin? By testing different mission support squadron (MSS)configurations and integrating the ongoing Services (SVS) transformation efforts.
What were the three reasons for integrating manpower, personnel, and services (MP&S)? Reduce overhead, achieve efficiencies, and maximize customer service in response to the new service delivery model.
What was the force support squadron (FSS) expected to do because of the transformation? To perform its mission and provide excellent customer service at home base, for remote sites, and at one or more deployed locations.
What was the goal of the MSS transformation during Phase I? To realign each MSS organization by consolidating seven flights into five at the three test bases.
What was the goal of consolidation during Phase II of the MSS transformation? To further consolidate into four flights.
What are the names of the flights that comprise the force support squadron (FSS)? Force Development, Manpower and Personnel, Airman and Family Services, Sustainment Services, and Community Services.
Which agency is directly above the MAJCOM? Headquarters Air Force.
Which agency is directly below the MAJCOM? Numbered Air Force.
Who does the MAJCOM act as the functional OPR for? Base-level MPS/MPSs and CSSs.
How does the MAJCOM monitor the effectiveness of the MPS and CSS programs? Through periodic staff assistance visits.
How many MAJCOMs does the Air Force have? 10 MAJCOMs
List the 10 MAJCOMs Air Combat Command (ACC), Air Ed & Training Command (AETC), AF Material Command (AFMC), AF Reserve Command (AFRC), AF Space Command (AFSPC), AF Special Ops Command (AFSOC), Air Mobility Command (AMC), Pacific AF (PACAF), US AF in Europe (USAFE), AFFSC
What is the mission of the AFRC? To provide citizen Airmen in defense of the US and to protect its interests through air and space power.
Where is the AFRC located? Robins AFB, Georgia
How many personnel, flying units, and associate units belong to AFRC? 74,000 officer/enlisted members serve 37 flying wings equipped with their own aircraft and 7 associate units sharing active duty aircraft and 4 space operations squadrons sharing active duty satellite control missions.
List the responsibilities of the AFRC Directorate of Personnel. Establishes, manages, & directs command personnel programs, plans, policies & procedures pertaining to all military & civilian personnel assigned in support of the AFRC...
Who administers the Air National Guard? The National Guard Bureau.
Approximately how many personnel work for the ANG? 108,000.
How many missions does the ANG have? Two, a federal and a state mission.
Who activates the ANG during a national crisis? The President of the United States.
What is the responsibility of the ANG during peacetime? During peacetime, the combat-ready units and support units are assigned to most Air Force MAJCOMs to carry out missions compatible with training, mobilization readiness, and contingency operations.
What does classification structure consist of? Air Force specialty codes (AFSC), prefixes, suffixes, SDIs, RIs, and SEIs.
What AFI, chapter, and table explain the AFSC breakdown? AFI 36–2101, Chapter 1, Table 1.1.
What does the first position of an AFSC stand for? A number identifying the career group.
What does the second position of an AFSC stand for? An alpha character identifying the career field.
What does the third position, combined with the first two positions, of an AFSC stand for? A number identifying the career field subdivision.
What does the 7-skill level (craftsman) identify? Enlisted personnel who have gained a high degree of technical knowledge in their AFSC and have acquired additional supervisory capability through training and experience
What is the CAFSC based on initially? The AFSC that the member is classified into at the time of enlistment or during basic training.
List the five main responsibilities of PERSCO. (1) Personnel Accountability. (2) Personnel Reporting. (3) Preparation of Movement. (4) Force Sustainment. (5) Personal Support.
Describe the specific responsibilities of the staff sergeant. Highly skilled w/ supervisory & trng responsibilities who must continuously develop as supervisors, & leaders through on & off duty development opportunities. They are also responsible for their subs’ development & completing all assigned tasks.
Describe the specific responsibilities of the technical sergeant. organizations’ technical expert. must also continuously strive to develop as technicians, supervisors, & leaders through on- and off-duty development opportunities. they are responsible for their subs’ development & the accomplishment of all tasks.
What does the 9-skill level (superintendent) identify? Enlisted personnel who, through experience, training, and performance, have shown a high degree of managerial, supervisory, and sometimes technical ability to fill positions requiring broad, general knowledge.
In what capacity do master sergeants primarily function? In superintendent, craftsman, supervisory, and management capacities.
What are the specific responsibilities of a master sergeant? To merge subordinates’ talents, skills, and resources with other teams' functions to most effectively accomplish the mission and continue developing their leadership and management skills.
What are the specific responsibilities of a senior master sergeant? To merge their subordinates’ talents, skills, & resources w/ other teams' to accomplish the mission and to continue developing their leadership and management skills in preparation for expanded responsibilities and higher leadership positions.
What are the specific responsibilities of a chief master sergeant? They must epitomize the finest qualities of a military leader, and bring substantial operational and occupational experience as well as strong institutional skills to their organizations and all assigned tasks to develop subordinates deliberately.
What is the strategy of the AF OJT training program? To develop, manage, and execute training programs providing realistic and flexible training producing a highly skilled, motivated force capable of carrying out all tasks and functions in support of the AF mission.
What does an effective training program require? Commander and supervisory involvement at all levels.
As a supervisor, what are you primarily responsible for in the training program? To explain trainees’ relationship of training to career progression and to plan a program that outlines specific short-term, mission-related goals for the trainee and to advise and assist Airmen to reach long range career objectives.
List the different training program components. Job knowledge, proficiency, and experience.
What are the different titles commensurate with skill levels? Apprentice, journeyman, craftsman, and superintendent.
What is the focus of IHT? To provide real world training to better acquaint participants with field related equipment, systems, and personnel administered programs.
List some common occurrences of IHT. Readiness training, PERSCO training, JQS training, guidance on implementing new programs and services, preparation for inspections, and new, innovative ways to improve current procedures.
What are the benefits of IHT? It is an exceptionally cost-effective method of developing personnel and providing adequate training on-site to save time and unnecessary transportation.
Why would you develop a Master Training Plan (MTP)? To complete all work center duty position requirements.
What must you ensure is complete prior to submitting documentation for UGT? That the trainee meets all mandatory requirements as defined in AFECD, applicable CFETP, AFJQS, and duty position requirements.
What information is included in your work center orientation? Info on trainees’ duties; duty hours and shifts; safety requirements found on the AF Form 55; the time and training requirements for upgrade and/or qualification training; and the responsibilities of the trainee, task certifier, and the supervisor.
What information is included in the initial evaluation? The AFSC, duty position; deployment/UTC requirements; CDC requirements; formal/informal training requirements, other local or unique training requirements; and supervisor and trainee responsibilities as outlined in AFI 36–2101, and the CFETP.
What must trainees make every effort to do? Become qualified to perform in their Air Force specialty.
What is your responsibility as a supervisor if a trainee is having difficulty with upgrade training? To schedule and conduct supervised training sessions.
What does the success and quality of a trainee’s training greatly depend upon? The relationship between you, the trainer, and the trainee.
List three trainee responsibilities. 1 Actively participate in all opportunities for upgrade and qualification training. 2 Comprehend the applicable CFETP requirements and career path. 3 Request assistance from the supervisor, trainer, & UTM when having difficulties.
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