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Culinary II Menus

Menu terms and pricing information for menus

menu tool for restaurants to show items offered
spoken menu when the person tells you the special
menu board chalkboard or sign on the wall for menu
clip on special small page attached to regular menu
table tent standing menu on table to show featured items
prix fixe fixed price meal that offers choices within courses of meal
table d'hote fixed price meal with no choices
a la carte all items priced separately on menu
entree the main dish for a meal
accompaniment side item for a meal
du jour item of the day
cyclical menu that rotates on a set number of days
California menu menu that offers all items at any time of the day
psychological pricing strategy to use .99 or .95 instead of next whole number
star menu item that is ordered often and brings large profit
as purchased the amount of ingredient before trimming
edible portion the amount of ingredient after trimming
yield amount a recipe will serve
standardized recipe recipe for larger yields that usually describes price and has a photo
yield percent amount of ingredient that can be used after trimming -- usually on a chart to help with purchasing
Created by: mariastyersfhs